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1. Understanding customer needs – All companies have to anticipate change within the buying population. Market research is the main way of doing this, because it is the ability to satisfy customers that makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful organisation. All customers are different, but only a select few organisations can be that specialist to provide products for individuals e. g. a tailor, so many organisations concentrate on groups of people. The marketing mix is the first thing an organisation should do in order to find out there customer needs.

Throughout my assignment I have been trying to accomplish this by, carrying out a survey to see what my customers want or will be wanting in the near future (see appendix one) and producing a detailed marketing mix to identify a set of customers and find out their needs so that the appropriate goods and services can be developed (see pages 12-18). 2. Understanding and keeping ahead of competition – One of the key factors in any market is the existence and strength of competition. In a competitive environment organisations are forced to be on their toes.

Understanding customer TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

They cannot afford to allow rivals to gain advantages over them or they will lose customers. To be a successful organisation they have to make sure that they are being better than their competition and are keeping up with any improvements their competition make. Marketing in any organisation must constantly seek to enable the organisation to manage the affects of change and competition. Good marketing is the key factor to organisations today, so organisations have to make sure they meet their customers needs from the start right up to the after sale service.

I have identified my competition and took them into consideration throughout my assignment, finding out about them. I have also thought deeply about my marketing techniques e. g. promotion, price etc. (see my marketing mix on page 12-18). 3. Communicating effectively with customers – An effective network of communication is essential for any form of promotional activity. It enables an organisation not only to communicate with their customers but also to build an image with the world.

An organisation needs a clear communication process and must know what a message should be, to whom it must be sent and the expected outcome of sending it. I didn’t need to produce these myself as Cadbury already has a good communication line, but I did need to think about it for my developed product, how should I promote it and who its aimed at (see pages 14-16). 4. Co-ordinating marketing functions to achieve marketing aims – Business strategy is concerned with the big decisions that organisations have to make.

This may change the whole organisation and influence the future of a business for a long time to come. An organisation with a strategy knows where it is going because it is planning ahead. Marketing strategies require detailed research in order for them to be successful. Planning is a big part of marketing; it enables decision makers within an organisation to plan for the present for the future and to learn from the past. I have produced an Ansoff matrix and chosen product development as my strategy (see page… ).

I have then gone into more detail in my marketing mix (see pages 12-18). 5. Constraints on marketing activities – Every organisation involved in marketing activity is faced with a number of constraints that may limit their activity. They need to work within internal constraints and external constraints. The well established companies would look at these constraints in great detail and try to minimise them. I have looked at all these constraints in my swot analysis (see pages 7-8). I have also looked at some laws (see page 16).

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