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United States of America has a number of companies that cater the needs for employment of its population. More often than not, companies and industries in US Already hire employees from 18 years old and above as following and helping the young adults to become independent. From the article of Gerald Friedman, he stated that employees in the US are given the right benefits of being employed and they are free to exit and resign to companies if they find unsatisfactory benefits from it.

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They are also free from making their group or collective movement against their former bosses. But taking this step requires benefits also for its members. A union is said to be efficient if it can cater the needs of the employees or its members even if they do not have jobs at present. Moreover, the article emphasized that “free – riders” should also have benefits. In Germany, the members of a union consist of nonagricultural members has more number than in US. German trade unions converted to unions that are politically inclined after the World War II in 1949.

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There are divisions within the country that the unions are focused in to. They base their preambles and missions to the category where they belong. Their categorizations have rules and some examples are: religions should not separate them from pursuing their missions, and combination of union members that have the same field or line of occupation in order to have a better grip of the principles and arguments they are aiming to win. Unions sometimes build bridges that are broken by unjust leaders of the company.

The aim of every union may be different but it is for sure that what they fight for is for the betterment of the majority of their group. Justice can be given to people who actually experienced injustice through these focused, righteous and strategic unions made available to help the deprived.


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