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The purpose of this chapter is to analyse the similar assignment systems to derive a better apprehension into the system functionality and usability issues such as usage of colour, layout of the screen and pilotage. It will analyze to understand the system features of different type of the assignment booking system such. The purpose of this research is to happen the features of an assignment engagement system, through analyses the similar bing assignment system in to order to see their functionality and understanding sequence of undertaking. However, through-out the research the writer can derive understanding and cognition about the system, which so could be lending to design of the Appointment System.

Appointment System is design to be use by De Montfort University of pupils and staff. Therefore, this research is carries out to understand that the most of import functionality of the Appointment System, to developing a system that will enable lector and pupil to pull off appointment scheduling more expeditiously and efficaciously.

Web Based Appointment Booking System Computer... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

2.1.1 Definition of Web-based Appointment Booking System

“ Appointment programming package allows concerns and professionals to pull off appointment programming. Web-based assignment scheduling package allows professionals to set their agendas online, and clients to book their ain assignments. This facilitates appointment direction over the web: clients can entree their usual professionals ‘ agendas 24/7 and do assignments online through the Internet ” ( Sensagent ) . In other words, in the context of the academic environment, allows the lector to pull off appointment scheduling more efficaciously and besides allows pupils to male assignments with module through the cyberspace. Web-based Appointment Booking System facilitates both user pupil and lector to interact in an efficient and organized mode.

The engagement system delivers to the De Montfort University is extremely functional such as provide them with the ability to administrate by themselves. For illustration, lectors have the ability to add new handiness clip slots, position assignment and natural assignments, whereas pupil have the ability to position and book assignment with preferable lector, cancel assignment and besides ability to entree to system from anyplace in University campus, place or work topographic point.

2.2 Analysis of similar Appointment Systems

“ There are three distinguishable types of online booking systems. The simplest is the web signifier which allows the user to choose their service, their service infinite and their service clip. An email message incorporating that information is so submitted to the concern.

A more advanced system involves a connexion between the concern computing machine and a database on a distant waiter. When appointment information is entered locally into the concern package, the concern will so synchronise the assignment informations in their distant database with the assignment informations on their local computing machine. Appointment information in the distant database can so be used to expose available service infinite and service clip to their web site visitants.

The 3rd type of online engagement system removes the demand for local package because it is self contained. It will include a database and an interface which, like local package, organizes the information contained in the database into a visually meaningful agreement ” ( Online Booking System ) .

2.2.1 McMaster University- Web-based Appointment Booking Systems for Career Service ( WABS ) .

McMaster University is based in Canada, offer calling reding to their pupil through web-based installations which allows the pupil to book calling services session. Student can choose specified informations in order to look into the handiness. To book an assignment, pupils merely necessitate to choose plus subscribe “ + ” hyperlink, which so allow the pupil to come in all relevant information. The undermentioned characteristics have been included in WABS ( see Appendix 1 ) .

Select specified day of the month in order to book an assignment for calling service.

Choice handiness slot by snaping on “ + ” hyperlink.

Student needs to come in relevant information such as name, electronic mail, telephone figure and ground for assignment

Student demand to book assignment three yearss in progress.

Confirmation electronic mail will be sent to pupil when assignment successfully reserved.

2.2.2 The University of WaiKato – M.S.C Appointment Booking System

The University of WaiKato is based in New Zealand, provide prgramme advice or linguistic communication and larning support to their pupils via “ MyWeb ” to book assignment online. The undermentioned characteristics have been included in assignment engagement system ( see Appendix 2 ) .

Enable pupil to choose the type of assignment from bead bill of fare. Then, it will convey up the calendar of assignments demoing the yearss and times that are available.

Student can choose available clip and day of the month to do assignment from calendar.

Student asked to come in user ID figure or user name, phone figure and ground for doing the assignment.

To book appointment/create assignment, a list of instructions is given for pupil demand to finish before assignment.

Student demand to hold to footings and conditions

Student can call off assignment by snaping on the ruddy cross Ten by appointment clip and name.

Confirmation of assignment will be email to pupil.

2.2.3 Concordia University John Molson School of Business- Recruitment Appointment Booking System.

Concordia University is based in Canada, supply recruit installations to MBA pupils through book an assignment with enlisting squad. The undermentioned characteristics have been included in assignment engagement system ( see Appendix 3 ) .

First page contained two chief maps such as ‘Book Appointment ‘ and ‘View, Modify or call off Appointment ‘ .

Second page, allows the pupil to choose appropriate available yearss and clip slots from list of handiness with open/full position. It besides contained position and natural map on this page.

Third page, displays different times, each clip slots is 45 proceedingss long and pupil demand to snap prefer clip slots. Then, pupil will be asked to come in personal information such as name, electronic mail, phone figure and any specific petition.

Last page, pupil will be asked to come in phone figure in order to call off assignment.

2.2.4 University of the Arts London- Equipment Booking System.

“ The University has a broad figure of resources available for usage by pupils as portion of their classs. Specifically, the University makes available for usage a figure of Studios, Studio Equipment and a broad scope of other Mobile Equipment. The value of this equipment is high and the demand for them by pupils is every bit high. Added to this, lectors and proficient staff besides require entree to the equipment.

Control of the usage of this equipment had become an highly arduous and hard undertaking for the University. Hundreds of users were necessitating equipment on a day-to-day footing. The nature of the activity, peculiarly photo shoots, meant that programs and demands would alter from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Precedences were needed to find the just usage of equipment amongst pupils in different stages of their class ; and amongst university staff. Added to this was the complication that some equipment was mobile while other equipment was merely available if the pupil had booked a studio where this equipment could be used ” ( Net Media Business Solutions ) .

The solution provided by NetMedia is extremely functional as the undermentioned characteristics include that in an Equipment Booking System,

Student and staff can book equipment through online from anyplace utilizing username and watchword to logon to the system.

Ability to see available and to book equipment.

Ability to take or call off booking equipment.

Confirmation of the book equipment is sent by electronic mail.

2.2.5 University of Hull – Appointment System for Study Advice Service.

University of Hull is based in UK, provide Study advice service throughout the summer holiday to their pupils. Students can acquire full inside informations of assignment handiness are in the system booking system. The undermentioned characteristics have been included in assignment engagement system ( see Appendix 4 ) .

Campus user ID and password entree to the system.

Search option in the signifier of bead down bill of fare, to choose appropriate coach from the list.

Select available clip slots from tabular array as it severally in signifier of row and column for day of the month and clip.

Cancel an assignment login with pupil ID and watchword.

Appointment reminder to the pupil.

Confirmation of the assignment is sent by electronic mail.

2.3 Features Comparison

The chief intent of characteristics comparing is to placing the most of import characteristics in the assignment system, it could be integrated in Lecturer Appointment Booking System. It will be focus on appointment direction and account set-up facets. Appointment direction means does the system provide basic characteristics available clip and twenty-four hours pilotage, verification of the assignment, does the system help the user to pull off efficaciously and expeditiously such as hunt assignment, natural and position assignment. Account set-up agency does the system provide user to register and does the user need login before to book assignment.

The characteristics of the assignment system as shown below ;


Appointment direction

McMaster University

The university of Waikato

Concordia University

University of the Humanistic disciplines London

University of Hull

Available day of the month and clip pilotage

Confirmation of the assignment

Cancellation presentment


Search for twenty-four hours and clip

Display assignment inside informations

Set available clip

Account Setup:



Are users able to add, edit or delete assignment.

The chief maps of the assignment system that has been identified through the five similar web site researched such as hunt, do and call off assignments with verification. Most of university assignment systems require the pupil to login utilizing pupil ID figure and watchword. This is because the system is designed merely for their pupil and staff. The assignment system is design to run in a multi-campus environment, and as such will affect staff and pupils dispersed over a broad geographical country. Therefore, many of university considered security issues in order to guarantee that user information is secure and merely entree by authorization users.

Harmonizing to the researched the University of Waikato, University of the Arts London and University of Hull used login process, merely allows their pupils and staff entree to the system. Whereas, McMaster University and Concordia University pupils and staff require to register in order to utilize the assignment engagement system.

McMaster University and Concordia University used similar map for look intoing the handiness, as it based on calendar. The advantage of this attack makes it easier for pupil to apportion available twenty-four hours and clip slot and it ‘s visually clear. Whereas, University of Hull, the University of Waikato and University of the Arts London used hunt map for available clip slots from bead down menu, as pupil have to look up the twenty-four hours and clip, and so pupil able see if the lector is available. The advantage of hunt map which leting pupil to seek for peculiar twenty-four hours and clip slot of the handiness.

Overall, most of university assignment system requires user ID and watchword in order to book assignment. The basic characteristics of the assignment system have been identified throughout the research such as login process, hunt map to look into the handiness, position and natural assignment. These chief characteristics could be integrated in a new system to guarantee that a new system fitting minimal maps. In add-on, the advantages of this research is that developer can admit all basic cognition and apprehension of the assignment system, which will assist developer to plan a new system more efficiency in footings of doing certain that the system provide all chief characteristics to user in order to carry through undertakings without holding an troubles. This research besides provide an initial thoughts to developer, once more it help to bring forth paradigm of the development system. Prototype is show expression and feel, screen layout and pilotage of the system to the user in order to assemblage demands. It could be use as communicate medium between developer and user, helps the user to joint what they want and demands from the system.

2.4 Features of an Appointment Booking System

Throughout the researched the research worker has identifies features of an assignment engagement system, which might be helps developer during the execution of the Lecturer Appointment Booking System. These are following ;

They allow pupils and staff to choose day of the month and clip slot of the assignment.

Check the handiness of the assignment of the prefer staff/lecturer.

Enable pupil book assignment.

Enable pupil alteration or natural assignment.

They allow lectors to post their handiness.

2.5 Contribution to the Lecturer Appointment Booking System

To development of the lector assignment booking system will be similar to the University of Waikato. In footings of system functionalities such as login process, hunt map to look into the handiness, book assignment, natural and position assignment map. Developer will be sing all points that the research worker has been gained understanding and cognition of the assignment system throughout the researched. In other words, all chief maps will be integrated to a new system. Guaranting that development of the assignment system ‘s chief page is efficiency and efficaciously in footings of easy to utilize, easy to larn and easy to voyage. This could be achieve by supplying simple functionalities and therefore pupils and staff able to pull off assignment more easy without holding any troubles. Harmonizing to the researched, the University of Waikato provides chief map, which allows the pupils and staff to run the system easy e.g. pupil can seek for lector ‘s handiness is shown on the calendar.

2.6 Decision

Overall, during the research the research worker has gained information of functionalities of the assignment systems. This valuable information has been achieved through the analyses the similar assignment system, in order to develop a farther apprehension of characteristics and undertaking sequence of the assignment system. The cognition gained throughout the research, this could be applied to development of the Lecturer Appointment Booking System in order to run into user ‘s outlook and users need. In other words, this besides has given a better apprehension of what the users like to see on the system. This will besides assist developer in order to place initial thoughts for the development of the system, which so developer able to bring forth the system efficiency and efficaciously.

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