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A “Website Marketing Plan” is a business document which describes your objectives and explains how you will market your e-commerce business to prospects and to customers. There are some already defined principles that apply to all types of e-commerce marketing and these can be used by all but one has to tailor the marketing plan according to their unique target audience (Kotler & Kevin, 2008). How to reach the target audience Online campaigns can be run in many different ways. They can run randomly, daily, weekly or monthly and all this depends on the type of business.

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Following are some of the examples that show the use of perfect timing of running a campaign or the websites on which these ads are placed. Restaurants for example, should run their campaigns from during the lunch and the dinner hours like something between 11:00 – 1:00 and from 4:00 – 7:00 so that the attention of the readers can be captured because this is the time when they are hungry and they decide on their lunch or dinner plans. Other than restaurants, there are many such examples that can be given like the tourism companies.

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Mostly, the tourism companies advertise during the vacations or holidays and on websites where most of those kinds of people would visit who are very eager for holidays. Such kind of websites where the tourism companies can place their ads are on the websites of travel agencies, insurance brokers, hotels and resorts. (Meyerson & Scarborough, 2007). Some Other Techniques to Be Used There are many techniques that can be used to encourage repeat visits of the customers to the websites and this would then lead to an increase in sales made by the customers. For this, the company can use many brand promoting schemes for their websites.

Branding Brand is a name, symbol or design either used individually or a combination of the three to identify and differentiate the goods and services from the other sellers. It does not only mean being chosen by a customer over other products of the competitors but the customer should be sure that the products they have chosen would solve their problems( Kotler & Armstrong, 2005). A good brand has some of the objectives that it has to achieve. It should deliver its message clearly to the customers, confirm its credibility, motivate the buyer to make frequent purchases and develop consumer loyalty towards the brand.

For this, one must understand the needs and the wants of the customer well. Website functionality Functionality is the interaction between the website and the customer who is visiting the website. This shows the quality of the website and can be differentiated from others by the quality of its performance. The more the number of visitors to a particular website and the frequency of the visits to a website made by a customer proofs how well it is performing. Website functionality can be enhanced by e-commerce processes, customer access areas, e-mail databases, news and PR management and content advertising, etc.

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