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When one sets off in search of a search engine optimisation (SEO) company, one of the most mind boggling items in his/her head is SEO pricing. In essence you should not start at the cost factor but rather at what your website needs in order to become more profitable; after all you signed up for website services to boost your sales in order to get more profits. is dependent on the services the SEO company deems fit for your site. Still, we cannot completely claim that SEO pricing is not as important as the services you will get since in these harsh economic times, who does not want to make as much savings as possible?

AuroIN has its SEO pricing based on several items, the size of your company being one of the key pointers. The size of your company is in most cases directly proportional to the size of your website. The smaller the size of the website, the easier it is to optimise it and consequently the less the SEO pricing and vice versa across the board. A website with many pages requires more time and extra services thus the whole thing becomes more complex and more time consuming. The difference between SEO pricing for a small and large business is normally in terms of thousands of dollars.


To get a hang of how SEO pricing works out, consider this: A research on the condition of your website is first conducted. Some websites are completely messed such that there is no way they were going to be of profit. Such sites may need a complete makeover and hence the redevelopment may constitute the first part of SEO pricing. A good site in SEO terms relates to factors such as appeal, usability, description tags and internal linkage among others.

The use of appropriate keyword/s is the other of the crucial items that make your website visible. How high your website ranks with search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing relates to the keywords in website. Keyword options thus form an essential role in SEO pricing. There is often a great deal of work to done in optimizing a website for several hundreds or even thousands of keywords. A website that deals in several hundreds of items would essentially need a wide range of keywords. If this is translated to the research for appropriate keywords, number of employees, work hours etc you will see that SEO pricing is relative to the size of your website and the work it requires to make it more visible.

In conclusion, when you consider SEO pricing, you should also keep in mind the profit potential your website will have with SEO services; you will see that it just like another investment to your business.

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