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WHY I WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A NURSE Becoming a nurse has always been a dream of mine. It started several years ago, when I came to this country from my native country Jamaica. My first job was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, taking care of a 92 year patient. It was a job I did well and look forward to doing every single day. I took care of this patient for five years until she died. It was during that time I realized taking care of people is my passion.

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I am presently taking care of several individuals at a nursing facility, and it is job that is very hard at times but a job I enjoy. I already know that I am a good fit because taking care of people is what I do. Taking care of an individual involves several different things. Experience has taught me that when a person is in a nursing facility or in a hospital they need not only good care but they need attention, they need someone to listen to what they have to say, someone who knows how they feel, and someone to understand that they will have good and bad days.

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It involves understanding that these individuals are in a place they do not necessarily want to be, but circumstances beyond their control has led them to be there; so patience and understanding is needed in order to deal with these individuals. When a person is hurting sometimes they will behave in a different way than they would normally do, and the nurse has to understand that sometimes people will do and say things that they normally would not do or say.

So keeping your cool as a nurse and trying to understand these individuals is very important. There are several benefits of being a nurse. You can set your own schedule. The nursing skills can take you anywhere, and the salary is very good, especially if you work in certain States. The long term benefits are also great. But if that is the only reason someone wants to become a nurse, then they should probably think otherwise, as it involves so many other things. So the main reason I choose nursing, it because it is my passion.

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