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As most of people are discoursing A WordPress, Joomla andA DrupalA which are the three best Contented Management Systems, Im traveling to lodge to them.

WordPress really begun to step up as a true CMS. Therefore, Drupal, and Joomla seems to hold been contending for first topographic point in the community. Both unfastened beginning are carried out in a broad scope of 1000s of members of the community and besides assist to develop and spread out the possibilities for each usage. While WordPress is considered the underdog in the CMS war, it is most decidedly the male monarch of blogging package something that Joomla and Drupal battle to make expeditiously. [ 6 ]

WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal Computer... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

However, even though each has its defects and advantages, you can construct and a Web site of any sort. It merely depends on what you need to make familiar with the system every bit good as your long-run work on the program. In fact, it is worth a batch of people are misconstruing. For illustration, if you do non like to utilize Drupal, it does non cut down its value, it ‘s merely non you use utile! [ 6 ]

2.1.1 WordPress

WordPress is an first-class system to utilize when making a web site that lets user rapidly acquire ideas out on the web, but while it is frequently used as a web log, it can be configured to work in many other interesting ways every bit good. WordPress is easy to utilize and it allow to hold an internal web site for sharing notes, documenting undertaking and compose about what is traveling on. [ 6 ]

It is cardinal to cognize that WordPress is highly easy to utilize and setup. Since WordPress is already developed to work as a web log, though, it can be setup to make so without any vacillation. Remarks are already built into the system, every bit good as pinging services, multiple blogger profiles, trackbacks and more. [ 6 ] It is exactly because WordPress was created to halt the privation to custom-make it to make some more advanced people. It should be used without alteration in some manner. This is because any alterations, which would do it likely to take to its break. [ 6 ] [ 45 ]

Figure 2.1.1: WordPress site illustration

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when utilizing wordpress: – [ 6 ]

WordPress Pros

Simple to utilize -A No demand for alterations

Excellent for blogging or sharing ideas in a consecutive mode

Even the most aged of users can acquire the bent of it rapidly

Big community

WordPress Cons

Not developer friendly

The community seems to wish to kick

Ascents bring more bugs than holes sometimes

2.1.2 Drupal

If a individual who would instead hand-code the content of pages than use a WYSIWYG Editor, or if enjoy tweaking the codification that makes up the model of a web site, so Drupal is probabl. This advanced content direction system more closely resembles a developer platform than a traditional CMS. Interestingly, being more developer friendly does non automatically do it more user friendly – in fact the developer has to work hard to do it that manner if they need the end-product to make so. [ 6 ]

There are more tickets and maps that can be used in the Drupal than WordPress tonss or even more than the development of Joomla. Each node has its ain bids and tag their ain can be placed elsewhere to pull strings site ‘s functionality, which is a really intense experience, which makes you know what they are making. For those who do non so the developer ‘s attitude which can be a test of their lives, but in the codification of people who live in and besides can besides is losing from the actual development of some really cool sites. Now, these web sites can move and map in some ways a really orderly, but Drupal is besides debatable, it merely did non ever look great. Drupal ‘s expression and feel every bit good as the characteristic constitutional really few sites. [ 6 ] [ 45 ]

Figure 2.1.2: Drupal site illustration

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when utilizing Drupal: – [ 6 ]

Drupal Pros [ 6 ]

User friendly. If I loved codification more I would about ever pick this system.

Strong community to assist spot the tonss ( 100s ) of maps and tickets available.

Can be used to make some truly amazing web sites that can surpass a bulk of other sites out at that place.

Drupal Cons [ 6 ]

Not user-friendly. It ‘s difficult for person with small codification cognition to do the springs required to make the really cool things that Drupal is going known for.

Subject of Drupal has been a immense instance of fail. This because it has been developers, non interior decorators, that are doing the subjects.

Geting a Drupal web site published could be you more clip, and therefore more money, than WordPress or Joomla.

2.1.3 Joomla

Compare with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, and found that WordPress are more for end-users and Drupal is for developers and Joomla is more for interior decorators and besides mix of all of those things. So for the IET web site, research worker program to utilize Joomla package CMS to make a Website comparison to the WordPress and Drupal.

Interior designers like usage Joomla because of the capablenesss that engine will do the whole web sites look antic. Joomla besides really easy to utilize comparison to WordPress and Drupal and even custom-make as more and more developers to make tool that are easy to understand. Besides, many developers will take this system because of the big capacity for development and customization. [ 6 ]

However, it is far from perfect and still less than Drupal flexibleness in the codification. Although there are many ways to overrule the default codification is what is done, there is considered to be pushed, and stressed its importance as urgently Drupal can be parts of a system. Furthermore, while Drupal can be used to run a back-end and database multiple sites, Joomla can non afford to make a multi-point. This is merely strong plenty to be utile, but non plenty to make anything. [ 6 ]

In a side-by-side comparing with WordPress, Joomla still has some manner to travel with being user friendly. To pull off a web site, a good cognition is really of import and it is simple plenty that it can be taught to practically anyone, but non plenty that anyone would desire to larn it. Compare with WordPress, drupal and Joomla and found that wordpress and joomla is more user friendly and it can learn about anyone, but it is non plenty, anyone willing to larn. [ 6 ]

Overall, Joomla is more focal point on bettering two important countries which Joomla ‘s inflexible systems for pull offing users and content. It may go a small more complicated as a consequence, but it will stay comparatively easy to bring forth a fine-looking site with plentifulness of functionality utilizing Joomla. [ 6 ]

Figure 2.1.3: Joomla site illustration

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when utilizing Joomla: – [ 6 ]

Joomla Pros [ 6 ]

Friendly for all types of users – Interior designers, Developers and Administrators

Huge community is amazing for helping with creative activity of web sites

Joomla Cons [ 6 ]

Still non user-friendly plenty for everyone to understand

Not rather every bit powerful as Drupal, can be a spot confounding for some to leap into

Recently rebuilt the full system from ground-up, and so there are still many out at that place lodging to the old versions

2.2 DotNetNuke V Umbraco CMS

Besides compare the content direction system for PHP such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, we besides need to compare between CMS for ASP.net to see which of the CMS are more suited for IET website so that the web site can do certain are done in good. Using different CMS for the linguistic communications will convey different sort of the result. Following which are some illustrations for the DotNetNuke and Umbraco CMS utilizing ASP.net and Mircosoft.net to map and run the CMS.

2.2.1 DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is an unfastened beginning platform for constructing web sites based on Microsoft.NET engineering. It is written in VB.NET and distributed under both a Community Edition BSD-style licence and a Professional Edition proprietary licence. DotNetNuke ‘s content direction system is extensile and customizable through the usage of teguments, faculties, informations suppliers, linguistic communication battalions and templets. [ 30 ] Besides, DotNetNuke is taking a Web Content Management platform for Microsoft.NET. DotNetNuke can utilize as a web content direction system ( CMS ) for simple web sites or as a powerful application development model which enables concerns to rapidly construct and deploy feature-rich, synergistic web sites and applications in Microsoft.NET. [ 29 ]

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when utilizing DotNetNuke: – [ 35 ]

DotNetNuke Pros

Secure and good implemented built in function based security

built in Event Log page to see what has happened and all mistakes are caught and logged automatically

designed for high public presentation and includes built in support for web farms

DotNetNuke Cons

– Hard to setup for new user

– Not flexible in complex design

2.2.2 Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is an unfastened beginning content direction system ( CMS ) platform for printing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It is written in C # or ASP.NET and deployed on Microsoft based substructure. The unfastened beginning backend is released under an MIT License while the UI is released under the Umbraco licence. [ 39 ] Umbraco doing it as possible to back up databases other than SQL Server. Umbraco support for MySQL, SQL Server and VistaDB come as criterion. [ 38 ]

The standard release of Umbraco is typically deployed on IIS in an environment which supports Full Trust. While a Full Trust environment is compulsory to put in and run the criterion release, the codification base has been branched and modified to bring forth a version of the model and backend UI which supports Medium Trust. [ 38 ] Umbraco can be deployed on a individual physical waiter running the database and web grade, and this deployment theoretical account can be appropriate for little low-priced sites. Umbraco sites which serve content under higher burden can besides be deployed on a burden balanced bunch. [ 38 ]

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when utilizing Umbraco: – [ 40 ]

Umbraco Pros

more mature model

Quicker to acquire up and running with and has a wider set of plugin something like to make things like articles with somewhat better UI.

Umbraco Cons

– Hard and impossible to unit prove the site

– Extensive usage of XSLT. Personally, non a fan.

– Stallion site is tied into the Umbraco manner of making things

2.3 Table Comparison between WordPress vs Joomla V Drupal V DotNetNuke V Kentico CMS

Ease of Use







really stable and unafraid

third-party security extensions

released on agenda


Very stable

The battle against Spam

artworks or mathematical captcha at your pick

battle against Spam takes topographic point in remarks

plenty effectual against

plenty effectual against

plenty effectual against

Integration with Forum

functional forum, work for pull offing little communities

bundle does n’t incorporate a forum

to the full integrated into the web log

Functional well

Functionally with system

Ocular Editor

TinyMCE or FCKEditor

JCE developed




Working with images

non included

constituents, faculties and mambots

convenient to add images to the editor in WordPress

Component to add images



non included

Not back up

really good design degree

Support a small spot


Expended functionality ( plugins )

solution for e-commerce, CRM-system, wiki-engine

SQL-queries, copied files or actions performed instantly after installing, which can non be executed automaticall

expand WordPress with the aid of circuit boards

adding third-party faculties

adding third-party faculties

Support of writers ( one web log ) and multiuser web logs

possible to do a platform for a web log in a few chinks

built in constituent of a content as a web log so yes

widen standard chances we need to utilize extra circuit boards.


No supported good

Table 2.3: comparing between WordPress vs Joomla V Drupal V DotNetNuke V Kentico CMS



Security for Drupal is stable and bug in demanded faculties normally get fixed operatively. Now a assortment of big corporate sites of the universe names companies work on Drupal, hence for developers take the security earnestly.


Everything is all right with the handiness of Joomla versions. Security is besides on the high degree and really stable and unafraid. As for third-party security extensions, it is non so smooth which really repeats the whole state of affairs in PHP linguistic communication which is popular among novices and people who do non cognize anything about how to interrupt sites.


Although WordPress is the official version will be released as scheduled, but will non really occur. If you find any serious defects, and so developers update really fast, but the version of the timetable alterations. Although WordPress is the official version will be released as scheduled, but in fact does non happen. If user find any serious defects, and so developers update really fast, but the version of the timetable alterations. WordPress is developing in one way now without interrupting into lines as Drupal and Joomla.

The battle against Spam


Can stipulate a bound to the figure of links in one message, inundation control, prohibition IP, make black list of advertised sites, and besides filter messages by keyword.


Against Spam in this minute of clip merely the positions of local publications. There are many reappraisals and confirmation of codification to back up many of the constituents. In fact, Joomla is the terminal of the battle against Spam.


WordPress has Akismet circuit board which is sufficiently effectual to forestall Spam and may make a black list and word filters. Can non assist forestall any remark, which contains the out words and to ease it sent to accomplish a Spam contending against the greatest Efficiency and be the confirmation codification aid this is a image of a character to accomplish set.

Integration with Forum


Drupal bundle contains the basic maps of a forum, the direction of little communities. But it besides applies to a big community ; the Forum has drupal.org such as more than 320,000 messages now. Of the hosts, have different entree to user groups, e-mail presentment, image, signature of the RSS. The constitutional forum is that it is the site by the user to utilize other parts of the common land.


The basic Joomla bundle does n’t incorporate a forum ; nevertheless the best pick for making the forum is FireBoard.


The official WordPress site uses this forum. A plug-in allows entree to blog some of the popular forum portion of the integrating. But this requires a good scheduling cognition still will non acquire the absolute integrating.

Ocular Editor


TinyMCE or FCKEditor can be implemented to Drupal. Both are powerful tools. In the TinyMCE, for illustration, the user can utilize the tabular array, attention deficit disorder and delete rows and columns, and combined with cells. TinyMCE cleansing can besides copy text from Word excess ticket. Both are flexible constellation.


Most convenient and good among free editors is JCE developed specially for Joomla which it was foremost built for Mambo and was called MosCE. It is capable to be a really good option to WysiwygPro which is non free.


Normally WordPress uses TinyMCE and simple text editor. WordPress allow different circuit boards to add buttons in the editor. Besides, it besides allows having maps for picture, audio add-on and etc. if user does non like TinyMCE, user can put in and alter to other editor. Choosing the editor is a affair of gustatory sensation. Select Editor is a gustatory sensation issue. It can even close down wholly in a practical user profile editor to utilize.

Figure 2.3.1: Create content utilizing Drupal

Figure 2.3.2: Create content utilizing Joomla

Figure 2.3.3: Create content utilizing WordPress

Working with images


Insert the image is non included in the basic bundle. Is likely to work out this job in several ways. Another method is to TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and media director IMCE installed. Change the image of the size of the burden and automatically bring forth thumbnail support.


Joomla is in front of other systems. There are 3 ways to spread out the constituents, faculties and mambots. Each type of enlargement can work out the undertaking, in fact, allows users to add any new characteristics without altering the nucleus.


It is possible to ease the images to the editor in WordPress. It can stipulate a file name and signature, and in one burden. This is to assist users non skilled to cover with this undertaking. If user usage a separate circuit board, it can stipulate a image, illumination theoretical accounts and other parametric quantities of the size. In the Add a image editor, it is possible to alter the parametric quantities for the different manner, size, boundary line, infinite, these are the ocular editor though the possibility.



Drupal templet engine is stronger. The constituent is designed so coders can cover with simple PHP templet integrating. Drupal in the general direction of the topic is given a good opportunity. The constitution of Drupal has beautiful musca volitanss, but really little free popular subject.


General large-scale templet, to let PHP to make the site construction and the location of the faculty instead complex construction. However, no templet is by utilizing CSS, and with some work is limited to each component. However, ContentTemplater usage for an article which create a templet allows users to pull off their usage of design materials.The 2nd point is deserving mentioning is the individual faculty system. These faculties will be combined into front burden the templet in the right topographic point. Faculties can be linked to the show on and off switch, and the different ways show a peculiar Web page. Sometimes, utilizing the templets and some simple faculties, user can make by closing down portion of working there and replace with faculties. For illustration, exposing intelligence from assorted classs.


Thousands of templets created by WordPress, many of which are designed in a really good degree to make. WordPress is built so it is non hard, for illustration HTML templates. Common usage of PHP ‘s map in the templet, so there is non with the complexness of larning the linguistic communication of the templet. There are many articles, templets, and even the being of on-line generators. Users merely need to lade the templet readying to a separate directory, and so choose the one user like in the admin panel. There is besides a possibility of template shift of visitants.

Expended functionality ( plugins )


Now there are about 1000 of free faculties in the official depository. Among others, there is a solution for e-commerce, CRM-system, wiki-engine. Allows depicting objects of capable country in the database and instantly make signifiers for direction utilizing a graphical interface by utilizing CCK ( Content Construction ) .


Joomla side extension system. Not merely that, there are several types, with a particular installing of the system, a description of all informations used to widen the XML file saved the necessary stairss. For illustration, SQL questions, transcript files or put in instantly after the operation, execution, non automatically.


Is likely to spread out with plug-in aid, a assortment of PHP, the book will automatically link to the basic “ nucleus ” WordPress for. Therefore, it is possible non merely to increase the necessary maps, but besides to alter the bing. It is non so hard to make a circuit board, depend on the PHP cognition degrees. Connect to WordPress is really simple which merely need to circuit board is copied to a particular directory, and activated in the direction panel. Some circuit boards can be adjusted, some demand to compose in the templet, and some work to the full automatically.

Support of writers ( one web log ) and multiuser web logs


Drupal is a well-known there may be several hits in the web log platform. The support of single and corporate web log. Drupal is one map of the possibility of printing the book.


If it is possible to see the contents of constituents such as the constitution of a web log is, the web log is supported. A user can be really beautiful web log design and can easy utilize the content of the remarks constituent by constituent can make, but it is more complicated multi-user. It can state the “ Yes ” , although it will be hard. All the same is a generic CMS Joomla


WordPress cogent evidence is a multi user web log. However, in order to spread out users more chances to utilize the standard circuit boards. For illustration, add the field of personal informations. Paradoxically, WordPress to make about all the best, but it is still non complete. A function is used to command the system ‘s writer. Use particular circuit boards can easy redact any function or enable and disable all of any action. A separate version of the multi-user multi-user WordPress web log is.

2.4 PHP V ASP.net

For the naive, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and ASP.net stand for Active Server Pages stand for ocular basic.net. It helps put things in better position.

Compare to the PHP linguistic communication and ASP.NET linguistic communication, PHP is more easy and simple linguistic communication. For the PHP which is utilizing C programming codification to replace a books in Perl. Besides, PHP is user friendly for the many developers and developer are feels more confident when usage PHP comparison to ASP.NET. Some of them maintain that the linguistic communication of PHP has non been updated much, and hence it is still rather antediluvian and even, slightly cumbrous for coding. ASP.net, which is a comparatively new development, has a batch of options when it comes to linguistic communications. [ 7 ]

Use for PHP is PHP linguistic communication is much support on the database direction system – MySQL. Shop information after user creates new or updates the new information. In fact, PHP and MySQL combine together can hold a creative activity for web log platform and other popular and often update service. For illustration, Wikipedia. In add-on, ASP.net and VB.net can back up MySQL but PHP is Unanimously praised by the multitudes and categories likewise, for its great support for this database direction system.A [ 7 ] [ 46 ]

Presents, PHP is good for the object oriented scheduling. The ground is PHP is an unfastened beginning and can freely for the fees. Programmers can utilize the system without charges but for ASP.NET is was non free. Programmers need to purchase a licence for ASP.NET before start to utilize.

PHP can utilize the bid line to execute many mundane activities. Some of the things that the PHP bid line is utile for is for pull stringsing across many files and for seting files into multiple directories at one time. These are merely some of the of import characteristics that PHP ‘s bid line is used for.A [ 7 ] Furthermore, PHP is older and there are many people who claim that it is much more unafraid than ASP.net where cryptography is concerned. ASP.net is much new, and the security options may non be to the full in topographic point yet.

Therefore, there is a batch to debate on about the worthiness of PHP over ASP.net or vice-versa. There is likely no terminal to it, and at that place ne’er shall be. The job chiefly is that both of them are good in their ain topographic point, but people who have been stanchly utilizing PHP for several old ages now is some of them for more than a decennary and would surely non like to travel in for the new ASP.net. The monetary value to be paid is rather high, i.e. larning a whole new sentence structure and acquiring used to it. That why the PHP now is still so popular that other programming linguistic communication. [ 7 ] [ 46 ]

2.5 Reappraisals on Application Programming Interface ( API )

An application programming interface ( API ) is a package plan to do them recognize the interaction with other package interfaces. It is similar to the manner the user interface for human computing machine interaction. API is application, database and operating system to find the footings and naming convention. Programmer must use the usage of its services. It can include everyday specification, information constructions, object categories and protocols used for communicating between the API consumers and implementer. [ 8 ]

API can utilize for programming linguistic communications such as Standard Template Library in C++ or Java API. Besides, linguistic communication dependant is available in programming linguistic communication which merely available on the sentence structure and elements of linguistic communication to do API more convenient when utilizing in context. Besides, API is conveying more convenient for user in utilizing context. API already supply some linguistic communication dependent which is in programming linguistic communication and available on sentence structure.

Researcher will utilize Joomla API for the undertaking of Community Web Portal. This is because Joomla API can utilize to add or cancel users by utilizing http URL from an external waiter. Add user average decision maker can add username, watchword, name and electronic mail which is for the inside informations of user and demand to enter it from Joomla database. Besides add user, Joomla API besides can utilize for delete user history.

When used in the context of web development, an API is typically a defined set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ) petition messages along with a definition of the construction of response messages. [ 15 ] [ 21 ]

Joomla API which helps to automatic generated by phpDocumentor bundle from analaysis of the Joomla beginning codification and makes it utilize for specially formatted remarks embedded in the beginning codification itself. [ 17 ] PhpDocumentor is the standard auto-documentation tool for the PHP linguistic communications and which can utilize from the bid line or a web interface to make a professional certification from PHP beginning codification. [ 18 ]

Besides, it besides can choose which bundle to see utilizing the drop-down list in the bill of fare on the left of this screen. [ 9 ] User can choose the subject from the drop-down list, though this manner user can cognize the website including what and it conveying less problem for user can necessitate to types by ain retrieve the info that need to happen. Drop down button will include the full subject and to allow some people feel more easy and save clip.

Furthermore, Joomla API can make a content which can dynamic station or updated in multi topographic points though utilizing web site. For illustration, if a web site wants put youtube picture inside the web site, user merely necessitate copy the picture embedded codification and so set on the picture content and service by other host. Sharing the content information besides can make by Joomla API. API can print the content web community when create an architecture for sharing content and informations between communities and applications. [ 9 ] [ 21 ]


Content Management System – CMS is a procedure, applications and databases to assist companies make, shop, and published in the signifier of a good consistent attack and timely information. Through utilizing CMS user can update the content by themselves and no demand any programming cognition based for usage when want upload content. Use merely demand to types up the text of information and choose the information are uploaded to which classs.

2.6.1 Types of CMS

For CMS which provided five types which are Web Content Management Systems ( WCMS ) , Enterprise Content Management Systems ( ECMS ) , Document Management Systems ( DMS ) , and Digital Rights Management Systems ( DRMS ) and Asset Management System. [ 33 ] Researcher will utilize Web Content Management System for IET web site. Web Content Management System which the system is used to author and pull off HTML content. Besides, it besides collect and command some HTML papers, images and Cascada Style Sheets ( CSS ) . This will do the merchandises are working good and complexness. [ 10 ] [ 33 ]

ECMS is a CMS which is pull offing content for the endeavor such as inside informations information, design templets and others. ECMS allow direction of an organisation to unstructured the information wherever the information exist. Procedure for ECMS is gaining control, shop, preserve and present content. In add-on, ECMS is unite a broad assortment engineerings and constituents which can be use to stand entirely of the system without any incorporate. [ 42 ] In add-on, Document direction system ( DMS ) is a computing machine system ( or computing machine plan set ) used to track and hive away electronic paperss and / or paper papers images. DMS more focal point on the certification such as Microsoft Word files. DMS vary loosely in functionality, complexness, and scope.

Furthermore, Digital Rights Management ( DRM ) is one of the entree controls by hardware makers, publishing houses, right of first publications holders and personal digital content and some devices to curtail usage on engineering. DRM uses to depict technique suppress unwanted digital content usage. For illustration, the transcript protection can non be modifying files or other devices such as consecutive figure or cardinal files. [ 44 ] Asset Management System which is manages some of the content like images, picture, and sound. AMS are functionality, complexness and scope. It let organisations which are legion such as the exposure bureaus or in writing design houses.

Web content direction system

Researcher will more briefly explain and found that Web Content Management System is most suited to utilize in the IET website comparison to the others CMS. Researcher decided to utilize Web content direction system to develop a system which WCMS is allow admin to post and updated content by themselves. Web content direction system is Content Management System ( CMS ) package, implemented as a Web application for making and pull offing Web content. It is used to pull off and command large-scale web stuff such as HTML paperss. Besides, WCMS provides some maps which are secure on information. It will split into two parts which are public and non-public information. Not all the information that user submitted will print out on the web site, admin can filtrate which information can be publish which are non be printing. Besides, will hold virtualization for Internet presentation such as browser, HTML or XML. WCMS is a creative activity which can make a new or edit the bing information in a control coevals and publication procedure. [ 42 ]

CMS provides some map which allow programming linguistic communication or markup linguistic communication and user merely necessitate a small cognition so can make or direction website easy. Most systems use a database to hive away content, metadata, or may be required by the system artifacts. Content is often, but non cosmopolitan, as the XML storage, convenient, re-use, and flexible presentation. [ 43 ]

Different web site builders, a web content direction system allows non-technical users to do alterations to a few preparation sites. Web content direction a system frequently require experient encoding scenes and add characteristics, but chiefly is a non-technical direction forces web site care tool. [ 43 ]

Two types of web content direction system which are on-line processing and intercrossed systems. Online processing is the systems that apply templates on-demand. HTML may be generated when a user visits the page, or pulled from a cache. Besides, online processing is an unfastened beginning which can back up additions such as forums, web log, wiki, exposure gallery and others. [ 43 ]

Furthermore, Hybrid systems which are systems combine the offline and on-line attacks. Some systems write out feasible codification such as JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, or Perl pages instead than merely inactive HTML, so that the CMS itself does non necessitate to be deployed on every Web waiter. Other loanblends operate in either an online or offline manner. [ 43 ]

2.7 Review on Joomla Website

For the comparing of the web site which is utilizing Joomla, I had chosen three of web site to compare it. Following are the web site which use Joomla to done it as a portal: –

2.7.1 Virtual Machine Management Application ( VMLogix )

VMLogix provides groundbreaking package solutions that help package companies and IT organizations leverage virtualization to consolidate lab substructure and automate physique and trial procedures so that package can be delivered more rapidly, cost-effectively and faithfully. With its LabManager merchandise suite, VMLogix revolutionizes the manner package development squads around the Earth pull off their automated package lifecycle and quality confidence procedures. By offering nimble, self-service virtualization tools, VMLogix enables these squads to present more dependable merchandises at lower costs, more rapidly than of all time before. [ 23 ]

From the VMLogix web site, they provide some specific characteristics and constituent which make more convenient for user to utilizing such as web log, events, articles, hunt engines and login map. User can utilize the constituents that provide to acquire more of the information.

From the front pages of web site, saw that it utilize some of the flash to maintain alteration and demo the intelligence for user. It looks rather interesting for user to see and cognize what sort of intelligence they have without chink any button of the web site. If user saw the intelligence they are interested to further read, they can snap on it and it will associate to peculiar page. Besides, if some user ca n’t wait for the flash of intelligence that show it out, they can snap on the button “ More Newss ” and its will name out all the intelligence at that place have. Furthermore, VMLogix besides provide side-bar for the web site. Side-bar will convey convenient for user to see what the web site or what information that the web site provided in web site.

Furthermore, thoughts of forum for a web site are quite nice. User can hold discussed between each other and will derive cognition through the forum. Besides, member and member can portion their information by utilizing forum. Forum merely will supply to those member see and have a treatment. If users are non a member, it wo n’t let user to open it until you become and login as a member.

Furthermore, VMLogix besides got some disadvantage. For illustration, it rather problem for user to seek information. User need to snap on hunt button after that it merely will associate to the hunt engine to allow user seeking. Besides, for the events page, it merely supply the day of the month and rubric of the events. Users need to snap on the rubric so merely will acquire the information and it besides really waste user clip. It is better if the event page provided outline together with rubric and day of the month so that user can acquire some significance of the rubric before chink on the pages.

Figure Front page for Virtual Machine Management Application ( VMLogix )

Figure News will be release and demo it by day of the month. User can snap read more to acquire farther information.

Figure Search engine to allow user hunt keyword and happen information which related.

2.7.2 Saturday Night Magazine

Saturday Night Magazine is a monthly life style and amusement publication for college pupils and twenty-something. Create over five old ages ago in a USC residence hall room, Saturday Night Magazine can now be found on college campuses and at retail location across Los Angeles, Orange Country and San Francisco. Besides, Saturday Night Magazine covering what ‘s now and what ‘s following, it features famous person interviews, manner, calling advice, film and Television reappraisals, immature enterprisers, music, athleticss, political relations, travel, cool appliances and the indispensable usher to a great dark out in the metropolis, all with a fresh attack and attitude. [ 12 ]

From the web site, filter type of events which provided on calendar. User can filtrate what the rubric they wish to come out on the page so that it will salvage a batch of clip for user to see one by one. Besides, it besides provides restriction of the rubric that want to demo out. User can take how many rubrics that want demo it such as 5 rubric, 10 rubric and etc. Besides, user besides can direct seek the events rubric or locale by utilizing the hunt engine which are provided. It will blow clip to happen peculiar events if do non provided the hunt saloon. Furthermore, below of the web site are provided the hunt streamer which is for seeking information. This was really convenient for usage when want hunt information and they can direct to seek it.

Figure Front page layout for Saturday Night Magazine

Figure Search box provided hunt engine and some communicating application to allow user articulation as a member.

Figure Filter type of events which provided on calendar and user can put bound types that show out on the content calendar page.

2.7.3 The Institution of Engineering and Technology Malaysia Network

TheA Institution of Engineering and TechnologyA ( IET ) which is has the authorization to set up professional enrollment of applied scientists through the Engineering Council. Through the IET web site, these webs provide up-to-date sector-specific intelligence, stock a library of proficient articles and give members the chance to interchange cognition and thoughts with equal groups through dedicated treatment forums. Particular countries of focal point include instruction, IT, energy and theA environment. The IET has an educational function, seeking to back up its members through their callings, bring forthing advice and counsel at all degrees to procure the hereafter of technology. [ 5 ]

For the IET web site, it provides some of the map so that it can do convenient to user when user use the web site. For illustration, user can set the fount size harmonizing to them. User can allow the word of content become bigger, normal or smaller. Besides, hunt engine besides provided in the web site. Search engine included in a website truly will assist user a batch. User can seek information about the web site and acquire the information.

Furthermore, E-Newsletter besides provided. Function for E-Newsletter is allow member to get offing out the PDF newssheet. It is sharing the information between each of the people so that other people can acquire the certification and the information.

After research and comparison to the Saturday Night Magazine and Virtual Machine Management Application ( VMLogix ) , some characteristic can be added in for the IET web site is an events. Can develop a system which can allow user filter and besides select the events form the calendar.

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