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Workplace testing entails looking at the various ways of testing the work of the employees with the aim of improving the quality of services of products the organizations deals with so as to build on its profits. “Employers and employees want the same thing and that is why it is important to match the right people with the right job as per their qualifications (Repa, 2007).”

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The range of testing that is allowed in the workplace entails getting advice from private consultants to give information on a person’s physical and mental status and the measure of their integrity. This is done through medical examinations, drug and alcohol testing, examining job applications during the recruitment process and examining existing workplace performance by seeing how much output an individual produces in a given period.

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Some limitations of pre-employment testing include: Employers can find themselves facing legal issues when they undertake testing of individuals before they are hired in the organization (Repa, 2007). Another limitation is that employers cannot know certain behaviors of a person. People’s social lives are not included in their resumes and they also cannot predict the true characters of the people they hire during the interview sessions. Management failure can occur when they hire people in a rush without considering all the options available especially when they see the recruitment procedures as tiring.

Management also fails as they conduct the workplace tests when a problem has arisen. To solve such issues, they need to conduct the tests on a regular basis so as to minimize the problems that are faced in the workplace. This will in turn make the employees keener as they will be accountable for their actions. If the managers are planning to conduct any tests, they should make the applicants aware of such conditions so that they do not view the process as biased.

Performance evaluation is necessary as it strengthens the relationships in the workplace and focuses on making the employees aware of the company’s goals and why they need to work efficiently to achieve them (O’Donnell, 2001). Evaluation can be done through filling up of employee evaluation forms which will later be analyzed by management to see the employees strong and weak areas, meetings can be held by management and employees once in a while to see how the operations are fairing and one on one talks between employers and employees.

The process can be seen as discriminatory if the different methods are used to evaluate the employees. It will also be biases if it is used to determine how much a person will be paid or promoted. To ensure that it is non-discriminatory, managers should treat all the employees equally such that if they use a specific method for one individual, the same method should be applied in evaluating the other employees. For managers to encourage fairness in evaluation, they are allowed to give credit where it is deserved but should also try to motivate the others through ways such as offering positive criticism. Managers should also be at ease with their employees as this will give room for proper communication that is necessary in the workplace.


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