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Terrorism can best be understood as involving all criminal acts, methods, and practices directed against a nation intending to create a state of alarm in the minds of particular persons, a faction of persons or the general public. Work place violence on the other hand can mean murder or other acts of violence by an aggravated or distressed worker or former employee against coworkers or supervisors. ( http://www. fbi. gov/publications/violence. pdf)

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Specialists have categorized work place violence into four broad groups; type one deals with brutal acts by criminals who have no tie with the workplace, type two explores violent acts aimed at employees by customers or the people the organization serves, type three expands on violent acts amongst fellow staff and type four handles acts of violence by an outsider towards an employee of the organization. Employers are not sufficient in regards to taking precautions for their employees as far as workplace violence is concerned.

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Employers have an obligation both legal and ethical towards promoting a safe environment, free from threats or violence for their employees. Managers should take on a more dynamic role in communicating the workplace violence policy, if one is not in place to their employees. They should be able to detect early signs of problematic conduct and have safety devices such as alarm systems in place just in case of emergencies. Professional counseling can go a long way in acting as a preventive measure towards workplace violence as well. (http://www. fbi. gov/publications/violence. pdf)

The biggest challenge is in reaching out to the minority, the lowest-paid and the lowest-status workers. The majority of them work for small business owners who more often than not lack specialized skills in legal and human resource issues related to workplace violence thus have limited resources. However, if the government, employer groups and law enforcement organizations can assist in raising awareness of workplace violence hindrance, the dilemma can be curbed.


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