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What to Write About

When it comes to writing for a living, it’s important to know what to write about. Many writers have a problem with this more than any other obstacles they may face as writers. Many times in my career I have heard other writers say to me, “How can you come up with so many great ideas to write about?” One of my most famous answers is, “Well, I do have 4 kids.”

The point of this is that there are article ideas all around you. By writing for a living I have discovered that I can find many article ideas that directly relate to my home life and my hobbies. When you learn that there are article ideas all around you as well, the question of what to write about seems to answer itself.

Writing for a Living- What to... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Here are some ideas to help you know what to write about when writing for a living:

  • Write about your kids or family or challenges you face in family life
  • Write about TV shows or movies that you watch
  • Review products that you use or buy
  • Share stories about your experiences in life
  • Write about things that you see or do when you are out and about
  • Write tips articles based on your job or education
  • Write how-to articles about things that you have had to do yourself

Now that you know what to write about, you have no excuses other than to start writing today. Once you realize that there is inspiration on what to write about all around you, then you will never run out of ideas again. The hard part will lie in how to keep up with all of these great ideas you’re going to have all around you.

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