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Internet is the most wonderful means of communication. It simply stands for international network which connects thousand if not millions of computers world wide. Internet enables people from anywhere to share unlimited information form anywhere. It has changed and made the world a global village which means that people interact as if they are together. Technology has been used everywhere even in hospitals to diagnose complicated diseases and the results are or may be very accurate. Internet has gone to local and international media. Mobile telephones have adopted the internet technology and the mobiles are cheaper.

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People have browsed through their mobile phones and they even download music. Every passing year the speed of the internet improves drastically. Internet has been powered by information technology which is the driving force behind some the internet. The most intriguing technology that has been born as a result of advancing information technology and the internet is the YouTube technology. This is one of the wonders of technology and the internet. In this essay, the YouTube technology will be explored, its effects will be reviewed, the history revisited and its future analyzed.

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Its technicalities will be highlighted and its effects on the mass media influence be hinted. Literature review YouTube is a website that was developed to enable people share pictures, photos and video clips around the world so long as there is internet connection. But YouTube has been synonymous with video sharing. This has been very easier because of instant photos and video clips one can take by a digital camera. But again this has been made very easier because of the phones that are able to shoot instant photos and videos and then send them instantly through the internet because these same phones are enabled to access the internet.

Phones are affordable to many people and it has been an enjoyable hobby of sending and receiving photos of beloved family members and friends and even good sceneries. YouTube was started on the way back in 2005 in the month of February by three people who were working in the E- business of transferring money to any destination through the internet. The three men were Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. The E-business company was called paypal which going strong even now. One must register as a member in order to send and receive video clips. For those people who are not registered, they only watch.

Pictures, photos and video clips that are uploaded to the internet are viewed around the world. Some may ask a question why have there been no vulgar video clips on the website. The answer is that the developers of this website thought beyond that level and all video clips that may encourage criminal activities, cause harassment, harm and so on are strictly prohibited. Even though there have been restrictions for bad video clips, still there are many of these clips from radio and Televisions and other media to spoil the good name of the website that has been closely associated with Obama.

Just one after its launch that is the year 2006 YouTube boosted to have enabled over 100 million videos were watched daily, moreover more than fifty thousand (50,000) were given to the police. This is the year other later functions were added to the website to enhance its ability of interactivity. So far there are no major advancements it the YouTube but innovations are many whereby people are integrating it with other technologies that had been discovered early.

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