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The university was founded in 1887. Its first category consisted of 29 studentsaˆ¦ taught by a module of five. Today, Minnesota State University Moorhead is home to about eight 1000 pupils and more than 700 module and staff. We offer little category sizes-an norm of merely 23-as good as 76 big leagues and 172 countries of survey. Our campus is located near a beautiful, tree-lined vicinity in Moorhead, Minnesota, merely across the Red River from Fargo, North Dakota. The Fargo-Moorhead country is a great college town-with three universities, a vivacious societal scene, and a strong economic system.

We ‘re merely outside the entryway to the university. Let ‘s travel inside and take a expression!

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Hagen [ Hay-ghen ] Hall

The first halt on our circuit is the Science Lab and Hagen Hall, place to the Technology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology sections. The Science Lab is the newest edifice on campus, and is noteworthy for the attention-getting reproduction of the solar system etched into the rock floor. The floor besides features a elephantine drawing that represents the many workss and animate beings that are native to Minnesota.

The edifices feature a to the full stocked Science and Technology Library, a nursery, and an array of biological science, natural philosophies, chemical science, computing machine, and engineering labs. Here, pupils work side-by-side with their professors on a assortment of research undertakings. In fact, undergraduate research is a trademark of your instruction at MSU Moorhead. Students in virtually every academic major have the chance to prosecute in research with module members and show their work at national conferences.

Weld Hall

Our following halt is Weld Hall, which is the oldest edifice on campus. It ‘s place to the English section and the Glasrud [ Glass-rude ] Auditorium, which is a popular site for events and concerts. Weld Hall besides houses the New Rivers Press, a collaborative attempt among Mass Communications, English, and Art pupils. New Rivers Press publishes and promotes modern-day literature from emerging and established authors.

As you ‘ll hear often during our circuit, many campus edifices and abode halls have been renovated recently-or will be renovated shortly. Weld Hall is scheduled to undergo extended remodeling over the following few old ages. Oh, and one last thing about Weld Hallaˆ¦ Harmonizing to campus fable, it may be haunted.

Lommen [ Loh-men ] Hall

We ‘re now at Lommen Hall, which is place to several academic sections, including Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Sociology, Social Work, and Education. Because MSU Moorhead was originally established as a instructor ‘s college, it ‘s no surprise that Education remains one of the most popular big leagues on campus.

Lommen Hall late underwent a monolithic, 13 million dollar redevelopment that included a new energy-efficient outside every bit good as state-of-the-art schoolrooms, offices, talk halls, and computing machine labs. Lommen is besides place to the Early Education Center-our on-campus daycare-which provides an outstanding acquisition environment and practical experience for the instructors of tomorrow. Besides located in Lommen Hall is the Write Site, which provides tutoring to assist pupils better their authorship accomplishments.

Comstock Memorial Union

Comstock Memorial Union is the centre of campus life and the bosom of MSU Moorhead. Treat yourself to a hot cup of Starbuck ‘s java at Subs and Sweets, grab tiffin to-go at the Union City Cafe , or bask a hot repast at Kise [ Kee-zee ] Commons, our dining hall. Stop by the Compass for discounted film tickets-or work on your sunburn at Hot Heads Hair and Tanning Salon.

The brotherhood is a great topographic point to analyze, socialise, or take in the latest amusement. With more than 120 pupil organisations and nines on campus, there ‘s ever something fun traveling on-and it ‘s normally go oning at the brotherhood! Do n’t lose our legendary Dragons After Dark amusement events, held here every month. The brotherhood is besides place to the Student Affairs and Activity offices, every bit good as our pupil wireless station-KMSC Dragon Radio-and our pupil newspaper, the Advocate.

Grantham [ Gran-tham ] Hall

Welcome to what may be your future home-Grantham Hall. Our eight abode halls and upperclass flat edifice are centrally located, and merely a few proceedingss ‘ walk to any academic edifice. Along with nearby Dahl Hall, Grantham Hall was late renovated. All other abode halls are scheduled for redevelopment over the following few old ages every bit good.

Residence halls feature broad chief sofas where you can loosen up and socialise with friends. They besides include on-site wash installations and quiet survey suites. In the temper for a home-cooked repast? You ‘re in fortune. All halls feature kitchenettes that are perfect for floging up the culinary creative activity of your pick.

Suites are broad and come furnished with beds, desks and closets-as well as overseas telegram, telephone and wireless cyberspace. And the decor? Well, that ‘s up to you and your roomie!

Nemzek [ Nehm-zick ] Hall

Sports are an of import portion of campus life, and we ‘re at Nemzek Hall, MSU Moorhead ‘s athleticss composite. Nemzek Hall is home to the Athletic, Health and Physical Education, Athletic Training, and Exercise Science sections.

Nemzek characteristics eight hoops tribunals, a swimming pool, and indoor and out-of-door tracks-all of which are available for pupil usage. It besides includes a state-of-the art weight room, aerophilic fittingness centre, and installations for our five work forces ‘s and nine adult females ‘s varsity athletic squads. They compete at the NCAA Division Two degree in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. Students can go to all place athletic events free of charge.

Nemzek Hall besides features a modern preparation room with rehabilitative and training equipment. In fact, MSU Moorhead boasts one of the few commissioned athletic preparation plans in the part. Adjacent to Nemzek Hall is Alex Nemzek Stadium-the 5,000-seat place of the football Dragons.

Russell and Ann Gerdin [ Jur-deen ] Wellness Center

Are you ready for an inspiring exercise? Or possibly a relaxing massage? The new Russell and Ann Gerdin Wellness Center is THE topographic point to work out, form up, or articulation in for all of your favourite diversion, fittingness, and intramural activities. Here you ‘ll happen everything you need to alleviate the emphasis of a busy academic agenda: A to the full equipped cardio and weight room, group fittingness room, techno gym, two life-size hoops tribunals, and an elevated jogging path. There ‘s even an on-site dietician to maintain the “ Freshman 15 ” at bay. If you ‘re truly adventuresome, daring to scale the three-story rock-climbing wall.

And if you ‘ve pushed yourself excessively hard-or merely are n’t experiencing well-do n’t concern. The on-campus pupil wellness clinic-Hendrix [ Hendricks ] Health Center-is located nearby. Staffed by a full-time physician and two nurses, it offers a broad scope of attention, services, and plans to acquire you wellaˆ¦ and maintain you that manner.

Livingston Lord Library

When you hear the word “ library, ” you may believe of a airless topographic point packed with rows and rows of books, right? Well, believe once more. Livingston Lord Library is your one-stop for aid in turn uping and utilizing the many mention resources you ‘ll happen on-line and-of course-here on the bookshelves. It ‘s besides the best topographic point on campus to analyze. Venture out a privy infinite to analyze entirely or work in braces or groups. Or acquire research aid from the friendly Reference Desk bibliothecs.

Upstairs you ‘ll happen non oneaˆ¦ non twoaˆ¦ but THREE computing machine labs that are unfastened 24 hours a twenty-four hours for all your research and survey demands. Ca n’t happen what you ‘re looking for here? The Inter-Library Exchange provides entree to 1000s of extra resources through the 31 schools in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.

Roland Dille [ Dill ] Center for the Humanistic disciplines

Welcome to the Roland Dille Center for the Arts-home to the Art, Music, Communications Studies, Film Studies, and Theatre sections. If you ‘re an aspirant pupil of the arts-or merely person who appreciates them-this is the topographic point for you. The centre features a state-of-the-art recording studio, music dry run suites, art studios, pattern suites, and theatres.

The centre is besides place to the Gaede [ Gay-dee ] Stage and the 900-seat Hansen Theatre, both of which host an array of musical and theatrical events. One of the most popular is the summer series by the Straw Hat Players, our acclaimed pupil theater company. The Roland Dille Center for the Arts is besides place to an impressive art gallery, which features plants by national and regional creative persons every bit good as university module and pupils.

MacLean [ Mick-layne ] Hall

Our following halt is MacLean Hall, which is place to several academic sections, including Math, History, Political Science, Economics, Multicultural Studies, Mass Communications, Languages, and Women ‘s Studies. You ‘ll besides happen the University Honors Program here.

MacLean is besides place to the University Bookstore, where you ‘ll happen both new and used text editions, office and school supplies-as good as all the latest Dragon dress and accoutrements. The Math Learning Center-also located here-offers drop-in tutoring from both professors and pupil voluntaries. Speaking of professors, here ‘s an of import fact: All classs at MSU Moorhead are taught by real-life professors-not instruction helpers.

MacLean Hall is connected to another building-Bridges Hall-which is place to the Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Information Systems sections. Here you ‘ll happen state-of-the-art computing machine labs and an advanced engineerings research installation, which allow you to larn in a real-world environment.

Bridges Hall besides houses the Planetarium, a popular finish for pupils and members of the community likewise. The planetarium creates a life-like simulation of the dark sky, supplying visitants with breathtaking, “ out-of-this-world ” positions of the solar system.

Flora [ Flore-uh ] Frick Hall

Welcome to Flora Frick Hall. It ‘s place to the many resources and plans we offer to assist pupils win in both their faculty member and professional callings. The Academic Support Center helps undeclared pupils choose a major and provides tutoring for most academic subjects. It besides offers workshops on of import subjects, like time- and emphasis direction, memory and concentration, and test-taking schemes.

The Career Development Center provides resources to assist pupils take a calling, and workshops to assist them win after graduation. Workshops include sketch composing, questioning, job-search schemes, and fixing for graduate school.

Flora Frick is besides the topographic point if you need a speedy “ pick-me-up ” between categories. It ‘s place to the Dragon Cafe , which serves Caribou Coffee every bit good as fresh, custom-built food shop sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

King Hallway

If you understand the niceties of home base tectonicsaˆ¦ or cognize when the Paleolithic [ Pay-lee-oh-lith-ick ] Age occurred, King Hall may be the topographic point for you. It ‘s place to the Anthropology and Earth Sciences section, which includes Archaeology, Geosciences, and Geology. The hall features state-of-the art schoolrooms, talk halls, and scientific discipline labs. But do n’t be surprised if many of them are empty on any given twenty-four hours. That ‘s because the section stresses hands-on, practical acquisition. Some of the topographic points where pupils have late conducted field coursework include North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, the Bahamas, and East Africa.

And King Hall is n’t merely about scientific discipline. It besides features freshly renovated infinites for the Photography Program, including a lighting studio and both digital and traditional processing labs. King besides houses schoolrooms for the Art Education and Foundation Design plans.

Owens Hall

The following halt on our circuit is Owens Hall, where you ‘ll happen the Admissions, Records, Business, Student Affairs, and Financial Aid offices. Even though you can manage most of your pupil concern online, it ‘s ever nice to cognize you can halt by the office if you have a inquiry or need personal aid. Owens is besides place to the office of the university president.

Center for Business

The new Center for Business is the concluding halt on our circuit today. Business is one of the most popular big leagues on campus-and the School of Business has earned the esteemed A.A.C.S.B. International accreditation for excellence in concern instruction. That ‘s a differentiation held by merely about five per centum of concern schools worldwide.

The Center for Business characteristics state-of-the-art schoolrooms and talk halls, computing machine labs, and module offices. One of its distinguishing characteristics is its expansive glass atrium, which serves as a great topographic point for pupils to analyze, join forces, work with module wise mans, or merely loosen up between categories.


I hope you ‘ve enjoyed your practical circuit of the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus. Now I ‘d wish to ask for you to see MSU Moorhead in individual. Just chink on the “ Schedule Visit ” button on the left of your screen to put up your individualized visit. You ‘ll hold an chance to tour our beautiful campus, talk with an academic counselor-and even meet with pupils and module members. Schedule your visit today!

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