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This table shows the results of my questionnaire. I asked 20 people to answer the questionnaire, so I can try and find out their views. I will be putting the results for each of the questions in a graph or a pie chart so that it easy for me to see the differences and similarities of peoples views. I will also be explaining the data on each and individual graph From this graph I can see that majority of the people are aged between 15 – 20 that answered my questionnaire.

The pie chart on the left is telling me the percentage and the amount of people that were female and male in the 20 people that I had questioned. It shows that 60% of the people that I questioned were Male which means that more male were interesting in answering my questionnaire. My questionnaire results are going to be bias towards male. The graph above shows that 50% of people were employed and 50% of the people were students. There were no people that I gave a questionnaire to, that were retired or unemployed.


The XY scatter graph above shows how many people by particular electronic brands. Twelve people said Sony is what they would usually by as an electronic brand. However not many people said Panasonic. Due to the fact the company that I am promoting for is Boots I will have to consider grabbing my target audience attention to Boots company brands. The pie chart shows the percentage of people that go to different shops to purchase their electronic goods from. Most of the people that I questioned choose to go to Dixons to shop for their electronic goods.

From the result of this question I am able to understand there are majority of people who buy their goods from Dixons. However my product is to be made for Boots and to be sold at Boots. Therefore the electronic good will have to be well advertised in order for customers to buy it. The data on the Doughnut shows how essential packaging is, in percentages and the amount of people. From this graph I can deduce the fact that majority of people would like better features on a DVD Camcorder.

This fits in well with my marketing proposal as I was deciding to invent a DVD Camcorder with new features anyway. Creating a DVD Camcorder with Better Features will fulfill customer needs and wants and at the same time I would have met my marketing proposal aim and objectives. The graph shows that 30%of the people that I questioned think that sales promotion in terms of encouraging you to buy DVD camcorder is not essential. By looking at the result of this question 6 people said DVD Camcorder promotions are not essential in terms of encouraging them to buy it.

Therefore I will not spend that much time and effort in creating promotions. However this does not mean I will not spend time and money on advertising as this is different. The results of this graph show ten people out of twenty people that I questioned are willing to pay between i?? 201 – i?? 250. Taking this into consideration I will price the new DVD Camcorder between i?? 201 -i?? 250 as this was the popular answer so therefore having this as a price will attract more customers as this is what they will want and therefore I will attract more customers.

The result of this pie chart shows that 70% of the people that I questioned take notice of promotion sometimes. The bar graph above shows the results of different newspapers that people read. Most people that I had questioned read The Sun. No one from the twenty people that I questioned reads the Daily Mirror. This will inform my marketing proposal as I will advertise the new DVD Camcorder in The Sun as this is a most popular read newspaper according to the analysis I conducted from my questionnaire.

The pie chart above shows the results from the twenty people of what they rate out of five the Electronic goods from Boots. Ten out of twenty people gave chose to tick three on the like hurt sale which means they are OK. The pie chart above shows the results from the twenty people of what they rate out of five weather or not it is a good Idea if Boots sold a new DVD Camcorder with new Features. The graph above shows the amount of people that demanded for different types of colours for the DVD Camcorder. Black was the most frequent answer. Eleven people would want a black DVD Camcorder.

This will have an affect on my marketing proposal as I will make sure that the new DVD Camcorder is black because 11/20 people said the colour of a DVD Camcorder they would buy is black. This makes it the popular colour; therefore having the new product black will attract the customers as the product will be designed to their satisfaction. From the bar graph above I can see that not many people shop at Boots for Electronic Goods. Twelve people out of twenty people chose to tick number two on the like hurt scale which represents not so often RESULTS OVERALL FROM MY

QUESTIONNAIRE From the results of all my questions that I asked and the answers I obtained it seems that the product I should market is male range of DVD Camcorder. The age group I should aim my product at is 15-20 as this was the dominating age group in my questionnaire. The results are going to be bias towards them. So my questionnaire results are bias towards males that are in the age range 15-20. According to my results I found out that selling the new DVD Camcorder at Dixons might be promoted enough because many people would purchase the new DVD Camcorder from their.

Also I need to promote my DVD Camcorder elsewhere. According to my questionnaire the most popular brand of Electronic Goods is Sony. The price that people were most willing to pay for a new DVD camcorder with new features was i?? 201 – i?? 250 of the people that I questioned were willing to pay this amount. Majority of the people that I questioned said it is not essential for having sales promotion in terms of encouraging you to buy DVD camcorder, this means that I should not pay that much work into designing the promotional methods as many people said that they are not essential.

I missed a big gap by leaving out questions regarding about what features they would like in a DVD Camcorder. I did this on purpose as this make it exciting for the people to find out. I will be doing a focus group which will give me a chance to question the people about what features they would like in a new DVD Camcorder. This would be a more effective way to finding the result as it will be a face to face discussion and any queries I or the people will have could be answered straight away.

As part of my primary research I will also do a focus group, as I have already mentioned above. In order to do this I will have to interview five people randomly. The five people that I will have a Focus Group with are going to be totally different to the people who filled in my questionnaire. The five people that I will be doing Focus Group with are people from School and this time when I do the focus group I will pick random people from different levels in the school including teachers.

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