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Writing ideas are all around you but if you’ve ever felt the ideas were too jumbled to make sense of them or to turn them into something real, then you probably need to get organized. The problem for many people is simply that they don’t know where to begin to get started.

First you need to get organized. I mean this both literally like in your home, office or work area and also mentally such as in your thoughts and your brain. If you do not have an organized work space, you will not be able to focus on your writing. No matter how big or small your workspace, there are things you can do to keep it organized. Here are some ideas:


  • Remove the clutter. If it doesn’t pertain to work, it shouldn’t be there.
  • Add items that make you feel creative- inspirational quotes, photo of your children, etc.
  • Make tools easily accessible. You should be able to easily reach things you need.
  • Organize all items and papers on your desk.
  • Clean everything off your desk at least once a week and reorganize to avoid clutter.

Next you need to learn to get your mind organized. When there are many thoughts floating around in your brain, it can be difficult to get them out onto paper (or computer screen) in an organized and sensible fashion. Here are some tips to help with this:

  • Keep an “idea box” or a spreadsheet or folder on your computer for keeping track of all article ideas.
  • Keep a notebook or legal pad handy for ideas that come to you as well.
  • Make a point to go through your idea box on a regular basis. It also helps you come up with new ideas.
  • If you get “stuck” on an article, give it a break and come back to it later.
  • Create a basic article structure or template and stick with it each time to keep your articles in focus.

With these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming more organized and getting more writing done in less time. This gives you more free time to do the other things that you want to do. Happy writing!

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