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Gucci, a high reputed brand creates luxurious items with brilliance services. The uniqueness as well as quality of its products reach this brand up to high sales. The advanced proposals and use of technology have made the products very gorgeous and classy. This multi brand firm has a solid international exposure and it deals with its customers through DOS or direct operating stores strategy.

Gucci has maintained its warm relationship with its customers through this scheme (Bhasin, 2017, para.1). They provide soothing atmosphere which helps to maintain a receptive attachment between the brand and the purchaser. The services provided are marvellous and their network of distribution is very selective which makes clients feel very special.


Chatterjee (2018, para.10) studied that Like other deluxe brands, Gucci also practices its app with the concern on brand alertness as well as to be in touch with its customers. This application has features like a directory with latest collections, videotapes or photos from style displays, fashion guidelines and trends and many more. During the break term, last year, Gucci app added innovative features to its mobile app in order to have most spending weighty period.

The app gives a holiday gift guide which is a assembly of selected and intended products for the season. One more feature Cabinet of Curiosities which was opened when consumers scan a mobile sticker in window displays at Gucci showrooms. Once the client scan the sticker, a cybernetic world of 2017 gifts collection of clothes and accessories was opened up (Chatterjee, 2018, para.13).

Gucci uses social media to display its products which is one of the marketing strategies of Gucci. In the modern era, flexibility is must in their distribution channels which means it is very important to avail the correct product at correct time (Mparcha, 2016, para.9). Gucci uses various methods to engage customers like provide huge sales and products at discount. The other thing which is precious for this brand is loyalty programs (Mparcha, 2016, para.8).

They never compromise with the quality of the goods as brand equity is must. Gucci always hire skilled workers and employees who provides the best service to its customers. Gucci customers are always updated with latest fashion, trend and Gucci products through e-mails. By signing into Gucci account users can engage with the company and they have knowledge with the help of trendy pictures and videos. For advanced expansion in online competences Gucci is also known as Fashion genius (Mparcha, 2016, para. 7).

Gucci uses the strategy of direct control over their stores. To attract its customers company has invested large amount of money on its stores. All the stores are looked glamorous and are built in expensive profile streets. The interior as well as exterior design of every store is unique with classic taste. The products are shown in fascinating way and all the sales persons are well dressed in black (Bhasin, 2017, para.5). For online shopping, Gucci provides very fast delivery of products within 3-5 business days. User can track the order through its account and can make payment with wide range of methods.

The other attractive service for Gucci customers is return policy. If buyer is not satisfied with product then he/she can return it within 14 days and whole procedure of return would be done within 7 working days. One more interesting fact with returning the product is one can return it back at any Gucci store even the product is purchased through online medium which makes its customers comfortable.

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