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The centre manager and administration assistant each has a computer with 15TFT monitor. A wireless router provides a peer-to-peer network and a broadband connection to the internet. Laser printer can be accessed from both computers. There are three electronic tills near the garden centre exit, each with a chip and PIN card reader beside it. All card readers are connected via the telephone lines to the banking system. Software Each of these computers has standard office software installed, including word processing, spreadsheet and communications software.

Centre administration assistant’s computer, templates have been set up in both the word processing and spreadsheet software packages These are used to produce standard letters, orders and financial Summaries. The tills have in-built software that allows keys on the keypad to be programmed as well as processing of sales and production of receipts. Disadvantage Very basic screen, Standard office installed They do not talk about which program they have installed There is no protection, no back up also no servers are mentioned

ICT systems in each garden centre TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

They don’t mention how internet is connected The manager and the assistants have a laser connected and they share it however this is a cheap way of doing because the when the system is off, they wont be able to see the printer available The templates which they have saves time however if the system breaks down there will be no printer or templates Department ICT systems on the nursery site Hardware linked in a local area network (LAN) with a single server. There is a workstation for each member of staff in each department of the.

Head office as well as one in the warehouse and one in the head gardener’s office. Laser printer in each department and a dot matrix printer in the mail order department warehouse computer has a barcode reader which is used to log incoming and outgoing goods broadband internet connection allows access to email facilities on all workstations Software Word processing, spreadsheet, database software and sales order all workstations. Sales order processing (SOP) software are stored on the server and can be accessed from all workstations.

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