Essay Sample on ID cards and burglar alarms

Once again the manager of the spar needs to ensure that their customers and clients are not only happy but also safe, therefore a big part of their job is to make sure that all equipment that is used in the facilities are checked regularly by professionals. The manager also has the job to ensure that the building and the facility has regular inspections. The spar has fire inspections every 6 months where the Bedfordshire protection test all treatment equipment is and the Sussex fire service check all fire extinguishers and the building and the facilities it’s self. This ensures that not only the building is safe for staff and clients to be in but also the equipment is safe as well.

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Another very important job that the manager has is to make sure that there is an emergency action plan and procedures in place. All members of staff are made aware of all the emergency procedures on their first day at the spar, they are also made aware and explained the emergency procedures on an initial training day before the shop opened and members of staff that join the team also have a day of training where this is all explained. This is a very beneficial procedure to do as it is done before they treat clients so they have no doubt in what they have to do in an emergency therefore they wont put anyone in danger. I think that they should be also be given a booklet where they can learn and referee back to it if needed.

In a spar it is very important that the team are all fully qualified as they are giving treatment to clients all day long, therefore it is important that the clients feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly safe whilst in the member of staffs hands. To ensure the clients safety all the staff are fully trained in either beauty or sports therapy and fitness. They will also undertake an introduction program over a week and a training booklet so that they learn the procedures of the company so that they are professional at all times. On top of there original training and qualifications prior to working at champenys they have trade tests where their skill are upgraded and improved and new treatments can be learnt and tested before they do the treatment on clients. This is a very good thing to do as many organisations don’t always offer training once they have done their initial training as it cost money and time. But Champenys want to make sure that their staff are as good at what they do as possible to ensure that the clients are safe at all times and the reputation of the organisations is always good.

First aid is a very important part of every organisation and it is important that there is always someone that has had first aid training. At champenys every therapist and staff member has had a day’s first aid training and the manager and assistant manager have also had an intensive two week course and are fully qualified first aiders. This is a very beneficial thing for any organisation as it ensure that clients and staff are always in the best hands if any accidents do occur.

Documentation is a big part of any organisation and it is a way for them to ensure health, safety and security for its staff and its customers. At the spar there are many methods of documentation and just the same as a golf club some on paper, some on computer files and on video. Within the champenys spar there are many risks and therefore many different risk assessments are needed for each treatment as well as general hazards around the spar. As I previously said risk assessments are incredibly important as they are a way for staff to know what to do in a hazard dose occur and be dealt with quickly and properly. All risk assessments are kept in a file so that they are accessible for any member of staff at any time. They are also given a booklet to keep with all risk assessment in so that they can look at them when ever they need to not only at home but also at home so that they can remember them if they need to treat an accident quickly.

If the spar dose come across a any problems, accidents or even fatalities then the spar has procedures that they must follow it is important that any accident is reported to the highest member of staff on duty and that it is written in an accident report book. The accident report book is for any accident however small it is. It is important that all accident are recorded encase the organisation are sued by the client, and by having the records of what happened they can come back and look at it any time if needed. All accidents and any files and records are converted onto computer once a month so that they can be kept for record if needed.

A spar has many important safety sings around the facilities to ensure both staff and clients are aware of any hazards and risks. There are many signs to be found such as fire exit signs, hazardous substances, no smoking, fires extinguishers, fire call point, do not drink water and many more. Every treatment product will have a safety sticker or sign on it, and with so many different products and equipment there are many different ones that can be found such as highly flammable and risk of electric shock which can be found on the crystal clear facial system and massage equipment. By having these signs throughout the facility it ensures that the organisation is covered if a client decides to sue them if they trip, fall or have an accident as they have had the warning up for them to see.

As I said before security is very important and both clients and staff need to feel that they are in a secure facility. Champenys offers lookers for their staff to leave their belongings in during the working day but they aren’t supposed to leave anything valuable overnight and the company don’t take reasonability if something goes missing. By having this rule the staffs belongs are all safe if the building did get broken in to. The facilities don’t have any CCTV in building, but every treatment room dose have panic alarms if they are needed but this still doesn’t make the building very secure as the building has no really security during the day and especially over night.

To reduce the chances of break-ins they need to put in place CCTV in the spar but there is no need to put any outside as there are street CCTV in place out side the spar, by doing this they are significantly making the building more secure. The doors within the building are not locked by codes but by keys therefore it isn’t as safe as it could be as people could quite easily get hold of keys especially as so many of the staff members have keys. To make this safer they could set up doors with codes as it reduces the chances of unwanted people getting into the treatment rooms or office. They could also make the spar safer by introducing ID cards and burglar alarms.

After looking at both the organisations I have found a lot out about both the different facilities and its procedures. There are many things which are good about both organisations and work well to ensure that the building, staff and customer are all safe and secure at all times. But unfortunately there are also many things which I found could be improved or put into place to make it even better. I have looked at both the organisations which have many differences and many similarities between them but I have found that both work well at making sure that they have good safe and secure building but something can always be done to make it even better.