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The quote above is representing how its does not really matter because its another day in London. He is saying that is not the same as his motherland. He thinks is going to be the same old day as every day in England. ‘Island Man’ never made the effort to be an English man, were as ‘Old Father’ made a lot of effort to blend in with the white people and to become English man. The poet in ‘Island Man’ did not talk about how he tried to be an English, but most about what he dreamed of every night and how dull England was.

Te reason she done this because she left the audience in suspense, she also wanted to make the audience to think how he tried to become an English man. ‘Old Father’ tried to everything that white person would do, but where ever he goes he still gets silly remakes. ‘He ‘s a example to his people’. ‘Old Father’ is not very happy remakes like this when he trying to make the effort of being an English Man. Remarks like this make him go back, and he is hoping to go back. The poem ‘Old Father’ has got simple wording but isn’t proper English.


It got Standard English, but with a Caribbean accent. The words are and spelt differently in Caribbean accent. There are some spellings, which are written how they are pronounced. Old father: ‘man, a tekkin’ ‘de nex boat back home’ The quote above is representing that he has not used Standard English here. This how he speak. This is showing that he has not lost he culture and his mother tough. There are few grammatical errors for third person singular number, are seen in the poem. That’s because it’s written in a Caribbean accent.

Old Father: ‘Old Father feet begin to shift’ Or ‘He don’t say ‘Hello’ no more’ In ‘Island Man’ there all Standard English used. There is not Caribbean accent in this poem. This is showing that he has living in England for so long that he has forgot his mother tough. The language is connected to the grammar of the poem. Reading through the poem there are no full stops or comers etc. The expression of the poem isn’t direct as ‘Old Father’. It is directly and clearly written and said. There aren’t any different kinds of spellings or grammatical rules in this poem.

The poem is expressed and every line is represented with powerful feelings from the heart. I liked both poems they were very different and superior. I liked it because I was fun and enjoyable to read. I liked ‘Old Father’, more because it was how a Caribbean Man was trying to be an English Man. Both of the poems were great to read. The second would have been better if it was longer and more about how be became an English Man. Both poems were both interesting to read and found it very fascinating to read.

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