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Chapter 1

Never let a once-off failure and rejection to plant a seed of doubt in your life.

The world is a beautiful place. It is good to be a human, despite all the painful challenges we have to face each and every day. The things that we have to go through causes life to become bitter, but it is up to each and everyone of us to decide on how we should live.

Life is a Beuatiful and a... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

We are the ones to decide how to handle every difficulty that we face. There is something that we need to understand, life is full of good things the same way it is with bad ones. The only difference is that when a difficult situation arise we start to panic and overthink; by doing that, we pressurise ourselves and end up making poor decisions.

Yes! We cannot escape from our problems no matter how many times we can hide, the problem will never go away, but we can do better by facing them. Most of the times, instead of handling a difficult situation using a positive mindset with a positive attitude, we usually make poor choices by deciding to concentrate on things that might worsen the situation.

The best way is to learn on how to analyse your problems and look out for a better solution on how you can solve them instead of wallowing in self-indulgence. We all know that every problem has a solution, which means that every difficulty you face throughout life, no matter how complicated it can get, at the end there will always be a solution to it.

In life, things like failure and rejection are inevitable and there will always be plenty of setbacks hindering us from having the things our hearts desire the most, especially if there is something great in store for us; all we need is patience. Most of the times we cannot change the way things has turned out, but we can make sure that we change the way it affects us.

We need to be careful when we find ourselves in the midst of hardships, because if we are not careful enough we can create our own misery. I have been there, I have experienced a lot of difficulties in my life and I know how it feels like. I grew up as a happy and smart child with big dreams waiting to be fulfilled, but all that changed just after I matriculated.

Being rejected at tertiary for the first time to me felt it was the end of my journey and the big dreams I had, I felt like I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders. Sadness became a central theme of my life, I was no longer that happy child I used to be when I grow up. The dreams and plans I had for myself seemed impossible and I could not bear to see my future becoming distant and unknown.

That is where misery started. Life for me began to be meaningless and I always felt like I am lost in the middle of nowhere; only because I have let failure and rejection to control every part of me. Almost everything seemed impossible to me because it is what I believed; I believed that even though I would try harder, my trying would not make any difference.

Failure and rejection was what I always thought about, I hid inside my comfort zone and felt like I cannot be able to take another failure let alone a rejection; which was a very poor thought anyone could think of. Hysteria began to control my life and I always felt like things might go wrong.

I lost hope in everything; the only thing I was good at was dwelling on pessimistic thoughts, I failed to control my thoughts. I had to deal with stress each and every day and my life became so miserable, I was depressed, and I did not know where to start to change my attitude towards life. I had plenty of sleepless nights and depression affected me physically and emotionally; at that moment I did not even know what happiness meant!

Seeing my peers succeeding was the most challenging thing I had to face and not realising that we are here on Earth for a different purpose; not realising that I also have reasons to live and to fulfil the purpose for my existence no matter how hard things could get tough. I made my mind to believe that my life will remain miserable and I cannot do a thing about it; all I did was to make my mind to believe a big fat lie. I had a little faith, I failed to believe in myself.

I could have dealt with my situation a lot better than the way that I did, but it became a great lesson to me. Whenever I looked on the mirror, I did not recognise the person who looked back at me; the reflection was not that brave and strong young woman I used to see. One day I finally come to realise that the attitude that I have adapted will jeopardize my life and the bright future ahead of me, I have noticed that there is a lot to be grateful for.

That is where I got up, dusted myself and started giving a well-balanced view of things. Failure taught me a lot of things, it gave me a chance to figure out things I did not know about myself; things I thought I knew all along. Today I know who I am, what I want in my life and what needs to be done to get what I want.

It helped me to recognise my true potential. Although it took me a quite some time to accept the situation around, but I am glad that I came out with something out of it; which is a great and unforgettable lesson. I have learnt to never let a one-off failure and rejection to plant a seed of doubt in your life.

A piece of advice from me to you is that learn to believe in yourself. What I mean is that never go through life with the same attitude I had no matter the hardships you face. All you need is to be strong enough to face whatever challenge life throws at you, be bold enough to walk by faith. Whatever difficulty you may be facing right now believe that you can overcome it, tell yourself that you will get through no matter the obstacles.

Most of the times it may seem as if the problem is too big to defeat it, but do not focus on how big the problem is, because you can find yourself giving up, too soon; instead focus on how you can solve it, lookout for solutions on how you can approach it. Try to focus on the bright side, because sometimes all you need is just one optimistic thought to make a huge difference in your life.

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