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Other sources of error may be the resolution of the sensors used. The stopwatch is said to have a resolution of 0. 01 s, which appears to be a reasonable figure within the context of this particular experiment. The error would only be i?? 0. 005 s; so even when the time is only 0. 46 s, the maximum percentage error is approximately 1. 09 % – a fairly negligible figure. Also, although not specifically mentioned, we can take the resolution of the equipment used to measure distance from bottom of slope as being 0. 01 m, and thus error would be i?? 0. 005 m. When measuring a distance as small as 0.05 m, the percentage error can be as large 10 %.

This is fairly significant, and can have a dramatic effect on the accuracy of the results. Therefore, a more preferable resolution for this measuring equipment should be 0. 001 m, where there is a max percentage error of only 1%. Repeatedly constantly throughout this report is the influence of human systematic error on the accuracy of results. The most significant part of human error can be seen when we try working out the acceleration of the ball bearing at the various distances from bottom of slope. The response time of a human can delay the starting and stopping of the timer of stopwatch.

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This time delay would not be constant, leading to error and anomalous results. The problems can be seen more clearly when the distance from bottom of slope is very small. It is very difficult to start and stop the timer accurately, when the difference between the ball bearing starting to move and reaching the bottom of slope is less than a second. As suggested earlier, the most probable method of improving the experiment would be to use electronic devices such as a light gate. As well as containing less systematic error, this would improve the reliability of results because there will be more consistency in the rate of error as well.

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