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PTE Academic Score Guide

Pearson Test of English became a lifeline for people, who have failed to pass IELTS. It was created in 2008 to check the level of English proficiency of students from foreign countries. Before that, everybody had been using IELTS or TOEFL. The format of the new exam is completely different from two others. All the tasks are implemented on the computer; the takers’ skills are evaluated by the advanced program, and applicants do not have to interact with examiners at all.

The approach of testing is also non-standard. PTE test is divided into parts, but not so strictly as IELTS. For instance, your pronunciation will be checked both in reading and speaking sections. Everything above-mentioned confuses applicants; they do not know how to prepare and get a high result. PTE score guide is created for those who want to know in which way their skills will be estimated.


The scale runs from 10 to 90. Many students find this evaluation system uncomfortable and do not understand why the scale from 0 to 100 was not introduced. People hold the view that in this respect 0 is equal to complete inability to communicate in English, but every socialized person can explain some simple things or demands in a primitive way with sign language. As well, somebody who has no idea about English would not try to pass the test for the proficiency. On the other hand, there is no person who is perfect in any language. Even an extremely talented professor, who devoted his life to studying and improving English, makes more mistakes than you can suppose. From this point of view, the system of evaluation looks more logical.

The starting score identifies the basic use. People with this level can tell a little about themselves, hobbies, daily routine. The necessary point to enter a university is above the middle of the scale, i.e., 60-70. You can find many PTE scoring guides on the Internet and YouTube since the test gets more popular among applicants every year. Pearson PLS offers you to take trial tests on the official website; that allows learning on which PTE academic scores you can count.

The tasks are diverse and versatile; it helps to keep attention focused. The first is speaking. Primarily, you will have to read aloud, then repeat sentences, describe an image and re-tell a lecture. Take into account, that you should not be silent more than 3 seconds, as the microphone will turn off. The skills are checked by computer, so if you have to repeat the sentence and do not understand some words, just imitate what you have heard; it can be counted as an appropriate repetition.

Do not worry about the objectivity of a computer in relation to your language proficiency evaluation; the program is designed in the way, which provides an adequate assessment of your skills.

The second section is writing, which consists of two parts – to summarize a written text and to write an essay; after the implementation, you will have multiple tasks based on reading. Applicants must choose correct answers among several offered ones, re-order paragraphs, and fill in the blanks.

After that, you are allowed to have 15 minutes to rest. The last section is listening. Takers have to summarize the spoken text, fill in the blanks, choose correct answers, select missing words, highlight the correct summary and write from the dictation.

Eventually, PTE score calculator will evaluate your communicative and enabling skills on the scale from 10 to 90, and the overall score will be average from them. The list of PTE results also includes individual points for each of your skills.

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