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Should the death penalty be abolished?

There are no euphemisms nor shortcuts in how the previous question should be written. 23 countries resorted to capital punishment in 2017, should they cease their executions immediately? If society were to live by the famous Hammurabi law code which coined the expression “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth” in 1750 BC; society wouldn’t have flourished as we did until present days.

Should the Death Penalty be Abolished? TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Worldwide life expectancy was merely 30 years in 1900 and doubled in just 75 years according to UN, never society has advanced this much in such a short period of time. When mankind works together, incredible things can be achieved. Capital punishment is a reasonable answer in short term but a great missed opportunity in a long term.

By mixing an utilitarian, a moral realist and social contract theories in opposite points of view, a reasonable conclusion can be achieved and a concrete answer can be given. A realist would first and foremost look at the statistics, which deeply favours the abolishment: “One University of Minnesota study found that just 2.5% of co-victims reported achieving closure as a result of capital punishment, while 20.1% said the execution did not help them heal”.

Besides not serving as closure for most people, it also doesn’t act as a deterrent because “87% of the expert criminologists believe that abolition of the death penalty would not have any significant effect on murder rates”. But a realist could also argue that the flaws within executions are inherent flaws from the criminal justice system itself. The criminal justice system is flawed, lacking for the poor and less educated.

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