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Many writers have a goal of 1 article a day or two per day or even more. If you’re writing for marketing purposes, you know the importance of keeping regular articles going out each week, usually on a daily basis. The problem for many people is that they don’t know how to simplify their ideas so that they can get more written in a certain period of time.

To be able to successfully write more in a day, you need to know how to center your ideas and simplify your articles. When you try to do too much at once, you’re going to become lost and not accomplish anything. The same can be said for article writing.

Simplify Your Articles to Write More... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

To simplify your articles, you need to center your ideas. It’s a good idea to keep any and every idea you think of. Come up with a good filing system to help you keep all of these ideas organized and handy. However, when it comes time to write, you need a way to simplify these ideas to create well-thought out articles.

You will quickly see that many of your article ideas overlap. Some of your ideas may be so broad that they need more than one article to cover them properly. This is when it’s a good idea to take your main ideas and break them into smaller, more specific titles or topics.

From this you can choose your daily topic to write about and keep it centered so that you create a knowledgeable precise article on your chosen topic. If your article starts to ramble, go off too far in another direction or not stay on its focus, you probably have ideas seeping out that are best suited for other articles. Take time to write these ideas out or even start documents and put your excess info in there for later.

You don’t have to finish all of these articles today but getting it out will keep you from forgetting them and also keep your current article on task. Sometimes writers have so many broad ideas in their head, they can’t write well because they are overloaded with information. This is why you have to simplify your articles and stay focused on one small, specific topic.

When you follow this plan, you will find it easier to write one article per day or even to increase your goals to two a day or more.

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