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Change is all about embracing new challenges and being prepared to think differently. It is a change in perspective and attitude that is, developed overtime, which is brought on by the experience and challenge, which prepares us for taking on and showing responsibilities. ‘Role Models’ are very important part of our life because they are the ones who points us into the right direction someone who has pointed me to the right direction and who I considered to be my most important role model while going through changes is my mum.

My mums life was filled struggle and grit, she had strong principles, and was devoted to her child. Her concern for the people around, her extraordinary cooking skill even today, I strictly adhere to her recipes for certain preparations and get appreciated for my cooking, her ever-readiness to help people and her soft nature were all very inspiring.


Being just an young adult and having lost her father and mother when she was just nearing 18, the hard way that she passed, to educate my uncles and my aunties and get them settled in life is worth being retold every day all this circumstances which my mum went through has inspired me to deal with my depression, low self esteem and anxiety, because when I found out about what my mum went through I think twice before giving up and I tell myself if my mum could deal with it so could I.

Before I knew about my mums hardship throughout her life, I was a person who had very low self-esteem, suffered from depression and anxiety. It is something I have been battled against for very long time and still finding it really hard to cope with and which makes it a lot harder is that my step mum and dads social background is completely different to mine so if I try to discuss this matter with them they won’t understand the things I am going through but after I found about what my mum went through, whenever I felt really down she had been my role model whom I followed while going through changes like depression.

During depression my mum has been really inspiring and helpful. Even though I knew that she wasn’t with me. Yes, there are times in every ordinary people life when things doesn’t go well at all and in my case its also the same but my mums experience in her life has taught one of the biggest lesion I needed to know in life which is if you have the courage and try your best you can over come any hardship in life.

My mums death was the biggest jolt on to us. She was my best friend and was also my role model now when I look back at the my old self I know that my mum has showed me to the right direction and taught me the lesion to move on in life and become successful if I try my best I am still in the process of imbibing so many of her good qualities and iron will and positive thinking. My mum will be my role model to the hilt.

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