Essay Sample on Statement of Global User Requirements

The first step in developing a database model using ER model is to consider the requirements of the system. After analyzing the current paper based system and reading the interview conducted with the managing director, several user requirements are captured. Since there is no claim on the quality of the wine produced by Bela Pinga, we presumed that customer are satisfied with the great wine and good prices. On the other hand, the customer service is not great as much as the wine produced. The company should offer its customers more than just good wine and low prices in order to be a valued business.

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In sale department, customers need to wait for long time to get their order due to the paper based procedures. In addition, if any customer has a question regarding an order, the employee needs to search in a huge amount of papers in order to find the invoice and serve the customer. These manual procedures take long time as well as costing the company huge amounts of money. Sale department staff needs to have a unique order ID and distinctive customer number connected to the database to track this information easily when needed. Having customer information stored in central location, facilities market and research strategy.

Moreover, in order to meet legal requirements, the database should provide information about the date of birth of each customer to prevent unauthorized sale. In terms of the logistic department, customers are annoyed by ordering something that is out of stock. Therefore, the logistic department needs to be constantly updated with the current inventory. When wines are received, the stock needs to update the product list upon the new inventory arrival. As any product is sold, wine storage record needs to be updated automatically and provide the information of the new stock level.

An automatic alert when a wine has reached the minimum level would be beneficial. Regarding the purchase department, it needs to contact its three regional offices who request the wine from vineyards owners before shipping the purchasing order to the logistic department. Logistic department needs to be constantly updated with the current inventory. The new system should make it easy for the purchasing department employee to keep track on the number of orders they made, shipments detail regarding each order and information about each vineyard.

Availability of such information makes it easy for the purchasing employees to do their job faster and more efficiently. Database is required to addresses the problem of maintaining data integrity between the Sales, Purchase and Logistics Department. It is required to help the employee saving time, do their job in efficient way and provide them with a better way to find the information they need. Moreover, the database should be easy for restructuring, upgrading and maintenance so that it can meet future requirements.

This will safe money and time for the company. Additionally, an easy to use interface allows the company to get the best use of the database. Bela Ping is paper based company and its employee have a limited experience in using PCs and databases, so shifting to a database system should be applied carefully. Moreover, employees should be trained to get the maximum advantage of the database. The manual system is untidy to appearance and difficult to store and retrieve data along with large storage space and high hardware cost are required.

The system should be easy to operate with high performance. Moreover it should be developed with a low cost and high efficiency. Moreover, as part of the employee work they need to get different reports and figures to show the business progress. For example, they would like to have reports of inventory that is out of stock. Increasing number of Pc’s, server and security software are the technical requirements of the database. View Integration: View integration refers to the process of combining multiple database views into a single one.

Integrating multiple views into a global schema requires equivalent concepts to be identified and merged, and dissimilar concepts to be kept as separate elements in the global schema. View integration involves the identification of conflicts that may be apparent within the views undergoing integration. Synonym conflict occurs when the same concept have different names within different views. For example, the product in the sale view is described as a wine in purchase view. Homonym conflict occurs when the same name is used in different views to describe different concepts.

Fro instance, order in purchase view illustrates the purchase order while the order in stock view represents the order received from customers. Type conflicts occur when the same concept is represented in different views by different structures. For example, delivery exists as an entity in the stock view, and as an attribute for order entity in the sale view. Domain conflicts occur when the property is represented using different data types in different views. Customer_ID perceived as being an integer in one view and as a varchar in the other view.