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Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior

These processes can be briefly addressed as influenced by the antecedent states of the customer. These are moods and conditions that are not temporary. These factors can be influenced by the state of the atmospherics in the particular Wal-Mart stores. These atmospherics are factors such as design factors, employee dress norms, lighting, sounds, and aromas. […]

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Inaccuracies between employees

Excessive familiarity breeds contempt or too many chefs spoil the broth which means too much or excess of anything results in spoilage for an organisation. Communication must be effective with the fact that it must be accurate, informative and qualitative. For instance, in a bank customer is depositing a cheque for $50,000 in the morning, […]

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The working capacities

Firstly manager need to understand about the working capacities of each and every employee. Individual assessment of strengths, skills and abilities apart from behavior, interaction with other employees and how synergetic employees are while working in groups. There are many kind of employees in an organization, viz. , who spend too much time in conversing […]

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Growing company and managers

Growth is the main objective of every growing company and managers have to monitor the growth with the assistance of employees who have to be trained to deliver quality work and in this regard culture of an organization plays a vital role. For instance, if all the employees are working overtime, which indicates that all […]

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Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior is about understanding, monitoring and controlling human behavior in workplaces especially where there are many employees viz. , banks, hotels, restaurants, industries, factories and other corporate offices. It is very important to exercise discipline and order in workplaces as the motive and objective of organizations is to run offices and businesses, and in […]

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Undocumented Workers

Many politicians and Americans complain about undocumented workers without realizing that undocumented workers contribute to our country’s economic growth and stability. In “Undocumented Workers” the author discusses facts and biases surrounding the United States’ undocumented worker debate. The author briefly discussed and debunked the myths and prejudice assumptions associated with undocumented workers. One of the […]

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Career Development Plan

The business organization is basically founded through the efforts and skills of each individual belonging to the group. Each of these employed individuals has their own career plan and certain level wherein they operate their respective tasks and responsibilities and these ability levels determine much the effectivity and productivity of the operation of the organization. […]

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Tesla’s Direct-Sales Model Banned in New Jersey

New Jersey has emerged as the latest state to ban Tesla's direct sales model, that prohibits the sale of Teslas directly to customers. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission voted today that all new-car dealers would have to provide a franchise agreement in order to receive a license from the state ; something that runs […]

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LG and Motorola Announce Smartwatches for Google’s ‘Android Wear’

Google just announced Android Wear, a platform that extends the Android operating system to wearable devices. And already, two of the tech giant's biggest hardware partners have said they will be releasing smartwatches for the Android-powered platform. South Korea-based LG has announced plans for the . So far, LG hasn't released many details, other than […]

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Snapchat Acquires 3-D Photo StartUp

Snapchat in 3-D? The popular social network has reportedly acquired 3-D photo app service . , the low-priced purchase was made "a couple of months ago," though neither company has officially confirmed the deal. Seene  "computer vision technology" for mobile devices, including 3-D scene reconstruction, object tracking, augmented reality and 3-D face capture — the latter of which is […]

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