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Understanding Markets and Buyers

As is with any successful company Wal-Mart endeavors to understand its customers as well as the market. This is done by carrying out market research, integration of viable Marketing information systems as well as understanding the factors that affect customer purchasing decisions. Wal-Mart is a market leader and other stores have to learn from Wal-Mart […]

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Investment banker

The needs approach is a method that calculates the required life insurance needed by an individual or family to cover their needs. It basically answers how much will be needed to meet obligations at the time of death as well as the needed future income by the survivors to keep up the household. In the […]

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Make or buy decision

From the estimated operational costs and revenues, Minnetonka Corporation should make the product and refrain from buying it, because it is more financially feasible. If the corporation makes the product, the contribution per pair of skis would amount to $10 per pair. While, the subcontractor option will yield a contribution per pair of skis of […]

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TD Bank Financial Group

The Toronto-Dominian Bank and its subsidiaries, collectively known as TD Bank Financial Group (TDBFG) is a Canadian based financial group, engaged in providing wide range of financial products and services. TD Bank Financial Group is one of the largest financial services providers in North America, providing retail and commercial banking, wealth management, and wholesales banking […]

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Current unusual scenario of economic uncertainty

The existing odd scenario of economic uncertainty has been the order of the day from the time when the global economy was hit by a recession in 2008. The market crisis reduced interest rate to almost a zero digit. At the start of 2010, many anticipated the Federal Reserve to hike the interest rates as […]

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United Way-Current Economic Conditions

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world economy is under recovery and is pulling itself out of recession though it is expected that the recovery is still sluggish and stabilization is uneven. Financial conditions though vary in different regions, have improved mainly due to public intervention and financial policy support. Cuts in policy […]

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Increased inflation

The economy is not doing well as businesses do not have enough money to finance their operations. This has led to many people being laid off so that businesses can sustain themselves while others have been shut down. In the efforts to revive some ‘big’ businesses, the state is giving them money to help them […]

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Rising inflation

High inflation is the major internal obstacle that constrains economic growth of Vietnam. Inflation should be kept in check and the budget deficit must be reduced to an acceptable level. Furthermore, in the future years, it will be needed to closely follow changes in production and prices in order not to over-stimulate the economy by […]

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Competitive labor market

Another claim against globalization is that wage inequality is rising in the country. It is found that wages have generally been rising faster in globalizing developing Vietnam than in the past decades (Oostendorp 2002). The fast wage growth is taking place in Vietnam that is actively increasing its integration with the globalized economy. While the […]

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Multinational firms

Other significant reforms have been made with regard to the imports. Import tariffs have been reduced little by little, conforming to Vietnam’s WTO commitments. The tariff reduction plan forms an important step to assist the progress of the long-term planning of Vietnamese manufactures. A great number of quantitative limitations have also been removed. As a […]

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