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Alfred Hitchcock Biography

A biography of the life and works of the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock is among the few directors to combine a strong reputation for high-art film-making with great audience popularity. Throughout his career he gave his audiences more pleasure than could be asked for. The consistency of quality plot-lines and technical ingenuity earned him […]

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Alfred Hitchcock

Psycho was a low budget movie. It was made in 1962 and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This film was to be different it was the first of its kind. It misleads people by portraying a sexy image when really it was to be a horror based on the notorious serial killer Ed Gein. To promote […]

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The dreamy music

Hitchcock continues to show us around the house, frequently stopping mid-sentence during particular descriptions, frustrating us now because he’s almost teasing us. He opens doors, letting us in and look around, but still leaving many things unseen, cleverly he manages to keep us feeling privileged and interested. More tasters are given, Hitchcock insinuates that the woman […]

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Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious”

An analysis of the final scenes of Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Notorious”, focussing on the most often recurirng object – the poisoned coffee cup Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious” After viewing Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious for the first time, the film did not strike me as particularly complex. Nothing specific about the film lodged itself in my brain screaming […]

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Legendary film maker Alfred Hitchcock

For the community project we were given the theme of the life and works of legendary film maker Alfred Hitchcock to be presented through the style of cabaret. Cabaret originated in France in the late 1800’s and prominently features the use of comedy, dance, music and drama. The location of the performance consisted of the […]

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The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock Film Review

The Birds is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest works of technical achievement. In this review I will provide an overview of performance, describe the films general theme, plot, character development, and style. As well as giving examples of standard editing technique used in this film compared to today’s new technology of editing technique. I will […]

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“Rear Window” Analysis

Someone said there are two kinds of people in the world, there are people who observe world as it passes by and there are people who are active, adventurers who are part of the world. Normally, J. B. “Jeff” Jeffries is considered the latter. He works as a famous professional photographer until he gets a […]

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