Essays on Analysis

Close Analysis on Act

Make a close analysis on Act 2 Scene 4, focusing on tone, character, dramatic action and language. Only but a million foolish actions have been made in the name of love. In Act 2 Scene 4 Shakespeare brings out the themes of a pastoral romance, as […]

Antigone role play analysis

I decided to study Tessa and Emily’s performance of Antigone and Ismene, from line 46 to line 63. Tessa was playing ‘Antigone’ and Emily played ‘Ismene’. They gave a very strong first performance, and clearly defined their characters by varying their vocals. Emily managed to […]

Essay analysis on an Arundel Tomb

The poem ‘An Arundel Tomb’ written by Phillip Larkin illustrates the relationship between two forms found on a tomb. This poem shows the ‘lies’ love can tell, and the falseness of how their relationship is portrayed. The fact that their hands are clasped in one […]

Analysis of the Tension

This chapter of Jane Eyre is extremely tense and though the levels of tension vary throughout the reader remains apprehensive. As Jane remembers her life at Thornfield the atmosphere is more peaceful, however when she discovers that Thornfield is a ruin the reader shares Jane’s […]

Analysis of advert and rules

In this analysis I am going to be highlighting the key lexical features used in my advert and rule booklet about football. To do this you have to use the frameworks, semantics, lexis, syntax and grammar. The first piece of work that I did was […]

An Analysis Of Filming Techniques Used

The film is set in a small beach-town called ‘Amity’. It is during the 70’s. It’s at the peak of the summer; 4th July. Although it’s a time of enjoyment and contentment, the atmosphere is clouded by the possibility of a killer shark attacking the […]

Critical Analysis Of Chapter two Of The Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler uses character, setting and language to great effect in the second chapter of ‘The Big Sleep’ to begin to craft his novel. The character of General Sternwood is used to set up the atmosphere for the shady metropolis of Los Angeles, which is […]

Cronbach alphas and factor analysis

The Index of Work Satisfaction developed by Stamps and Piedmont (1986) was used to measure job satisfaction. This index has two parts. The first part measures the relative importance of the different dimensions of job satisfaction by asking respondents to choose between pairs of dimensions. […]

Analysis of Cardiff’s Historical Development

Cardiff was put on the map of the known places only after the Romans constructed a fort here in AD 75 (Cardiff: Overview). The Romans built numerous towns and cities as well as concrete roads, pavements, and buildings. The town of Cardiff, founded originally about […]