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Sovereignty, Anarchy and Nation

This essay will attempt to define four essential words, commonly used when focusing on international relations and politics; State, Sovereignty, Anarchy and Nation. There are many objective perspectives to any word, which is why the general definition is important for the understanding of words with great importance. State, to begin with, refers to three different […]

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‘Do Anarchist demand the impossible’

Anarchism is summed up by their belief in Utopianism. A utopia literally means an ideal or perfect society. Utopianism is a style of political theorising that develops a critique of the existing order by constructing a model if an ideal or perfect alternative. Utopian theories are usually based on assumptions about the unlimited possibilities of […]

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My Beautiful Launderette: Omar and Jonny’s Struggle for Freedom

After watching “My Beautiful Laundrette”, I feel disappointed with conformist ideas of Britain’s society in 1980s. The film shows a love affair between English men that are different race, class, politics and ethnicity. Johnny and Omar sincerely struggle to form their personal identity under the control of Britain’s social sigma’s and relatives. Both Boys give […]

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