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How did the director Baz Luhrmann ensure?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a popular text used in schools. It appeals to a teenage audience because of the simple plot where ‘A pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives’ Teenagers can relate to Romeo and Juliet because of the conflict between themselves and their parents. Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the play uses a […]

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Romeo and Juliet History

“Romeo and Juliet” was written in the mid 1590’s and it was played over and over again for people in Shakespeare’s time. The play was set in Verona, Italy, and this would likely be because the country had some scenes of severe conflicts at that time, which led to some of the territories to be […]

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Baz Luhrmanns adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Baz Luhrmann has used a vast array of media techniques to attract a modern audience to his film adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The opening of the film features a 20th century television news report. Luhrmann has chosen to cast a black American female newsreader, contradicting our expectations of a white English cast throughout. […]

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How does Baz Luhrmann use the language?

How does Baz Luhrmann use the language of film to create the imagery and themes of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in a convincing modern setting? The director Baz Luhrmann uses a blend of influential music and adept editing, to create an explosive modern version of Shakespeare’s classic play. Baz Luhrmann wanted to keep the traditional […]

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Make a trailer of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

My opening clip is going to be where the helicopter is looking for Romeo when he is on the way to visit Juliet’s tomb. I chose this part of the film for my first clip because it lets the viewers know straight away that there is going to be action in the film. This clip […]

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By a Close Study of the Opening Sequence of the Film

Baz Luhrmann produced a version of Shakespeare’s famous play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in 1996. The play has been brought into the modern day and is set in a fictional American city called ‘Verona Beach’ linking back to the original setting of Verona in Italy. Baz Luhrmann brings Shakespeare’s play into the modern day by using […]

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