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Cognitive Process

The cognitive process is part of each person life and everyday of our life one uses the cognitive process and has no idea that one is using the cognitive process. Cognitive process is “the performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents; “the process of thinking”; “the cognitive operation of remembering” […]

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The Brain

The central core of the human brain, often referred to as the “old brain”, is the most primitive part of the brain and can be found in all vertebrates dating back more than 500 million years. The central core is designed to help the human body with basic survival functions such as breathing, heartbeat, movement, […]

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Positive Selection Is Involved In The Evolution Of The Human Brain

Human descent has long been described to involve macroevolutionary changes in the anatomy, physiology and behavior in the primate species. The prominent enlargement of the primate brain from the New and Old World monkeys (e. g. , tarsiers, colobus monkeys, squirrel monkeys,) to the Great Ape species (e. g. , chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, humans) has […]

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