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Shrek (2001) review

Pdi/Dreamworks have put the layers that make a good film with their latest triumph, Shrek: the title character is a big green Scottish… ogre, who like nothing more then ‘a mean weed rat stew’ in his swamp. Unlike damsel in distress princess Fiona (Diaz) who likes pinacaladas and getting caught in the rain, according to […]

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Shrek trailer

I have looked the trailer of “Shrek” the trailer lasted four minutes and nineteen seconds. A trailer is a collection of clips put together from a movie that has not been released. A trailers aim is to attract the customer however not to give the customer the whole storyline. I will be explaining throughout this […]

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Ben Cousins Cartoon Analysis

In the cartoon drawn by Mark Knight which was published in the Herald Sun, the cartoonist expresses his opinion towards the AFL continuing to allow Ben Cousins to play football and under what conditions. His tone isn’t actually shown in the cartoon yet he expresses his tone by the sarcasm in his drawings, in a […]

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