Essays on Characters

The characters of Sikes and Nancy

Oliver twist, a novel written by Dickens & set in the late 1830’s, shows the story of a young boy “Oliver”, an orphan whose mother dies at his birth. He goes on to work at the workhouse & not long after, he gets bought by […]

The character of Willie Mossop or Maggie

Select two or more moments from two different acts that show how the writer has developed the character of Willie Mossop or Maggie. How did you reflect this change in your performance? ” Hobsons Choice” is a play about how the life of middle and […]

Donner bakery

As the story goes on the reader learns how throughout his life Charlie has always been isolated, even by his own parents who disowned him, however until the surgery Charlie has never noticed, let alone understood why. But Charlie’s social awareness is also raised along […]

Compare and contrast the characters

All five of the characters play a part in the death of Eva Smith. First of all, Mr birling, who throws her out of her job after a strike. Secondly, Sheila gets her fired from her second job unfairly. Then Gerald, who befriended and made […]

Unsympathetic a character

He arrives just after Birling has been setting out his views of life: that every man must only look out for himself. The Inspector’s role is to show that this is not the case. Throughout the play he demonstrates how people are responsible for how […]

The intentions of the characters

Even before we saw too much of these characteristics in Alonso, we were made aware that his conscience would be guilty if he had one, as sleep is another major theme in ‘The Tempest’ and is used in this scene with great significance. Prospero sent […]

The comic characters

There is sexual innuendo here and bawdy humour which would be enjoyed by audiences. This amusing interchange shows a flirtatious, ‘cheeky’ side to both characters, and it is in a way quite heart-warming to see a softer side to Katherina, a side where she smiles […]

John Proctors character

How does Arthur Miller develop John Proctors character throughout the play, and what is the relationship between Proctor and Abigail as well Proctor’s relationship with his wife Elizabeth Proctor? In my view there are a lot of ways in which Arthur Miller develops John Proctor’s character […]

The Taming ofthe Shrew

Then Petruchio comes and Katherina completely changes and it is shocking and does not seem real. Even though Petruchio knew exactly what she was like he still wanted to woo her. His reasons for wanting to do so were because he did not have much […]

The Structures, characters and contexts in ‘An Inspector Calls.’

This was written before the war broke out so some things that are said in the play are a bit controversial. Things referring towards the war were politically incorrect and how Birling refers to the Titanic as ‘unsinkable’. What made this so controversial is the […]