Essays on Charles Dickens

Nicholas Nickleby

Also Dickens also had a rich secondary characters involved in his stories. In ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ they are played by the characters of the neglected children. At this point in my essay I would like to focus on Dickens and how, in these three chapters, he […]

The First Four Chapters of Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in the 19th century. He used his personal past experiences to give the book a personal feeling to the book. During Charles Dickens’ childhood his farther was stolen from him and placed in prison, this left him with only his […]

Charles Dickens Similar And Different

‘A Safe Place’ by Lorenzo Carcaterra and ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens both have similar characters, being Oliver Twist and Lorenzo Carcaterra. They also have similar themes of poverty and childhood. Yet they were set in very different places at very different times. ‘Oliver Twist’ […]

How Dickens exposes awful treatment of children

As a child Dickens suffered similar problems to Oliver when his father lost all their money meaning a young Dickens was sent off to the factory to work and provide for the rest of his family while his father was in debtors prison. It was […]

Charles Dickens and the three strangers

The first thing that would have been the main difference between the two short stories, one from Charles Dickens and the other from Tomas Hardy is that Hardy has wrote the Longest one, this difference is important because it shows a point that hardy takes […]

Social criticism

The opening paragraph introduces Gradgrind and his system. ‘Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. ‘ Nearly every sentence in this paragraph has the word ‘facts’ in it. Dickens gives it a capital F and uses repetition to […]

Dickens fact

I think the circus are included in the play just to account for the small number of people who are like them and who haven’t had their imagination and life taken over by facts. They are colourful and lively, they are described by Dickens as […]

Charles Dickens & Victorian education

Dickens is even expressing his opinions on Victorian education with the names of the characters in Hard Times. The name ‘Thomas Gradgrind’ for instance is a metaphor for the teacher is doing to these children. He is working like a machine and grinding them up […]

Dickens & Hard Times

Dickens uses an extended metaphor of wildlife throughout his description of Coketown. He creates an image of a jungle of industry, the machinery and chimneys symbolising trees for the ‘serpents of smoke’ to climb. The connotations are that Coketown is not a safe place to […]

How does Dickens make this passage effective?

The beginning of the passage is very effective. There are many contrasts and contrasts are what make a piece of literature effective. The main contrast here is the convict, Magwitch, and the rich young man, Pip. Pip is young and relatively inexperienced in the ways […]