Essays on Children

American children

After comparing the opening of ‘Lord Of The Flies’, by William Golding with the opening of the film’s adaptation, I discovered similarities and differences between the two. This is understandable considering the novel was written during the fifties while its visual interpretation was made during […]

Dreams of Knowledge

Everybody has a nightmare at least once in their life. The majority of people who have nightmares are children between the ages of three and four, or seven and eight. Adults are less common to have nightmares. About 5 to 10 % of adults have […]

Examine the argument that poverty is best explained in terms of personal moral failings

  Poverty within the family can change along with the changes the family unit makes over time. A single person in paid employment may be living in poverty but if they marry someone who is also working their living expenses could fall, for example their […]

Death education with Y4

  These require children to communicate their own ideas and views, to use their imagination to identify with other people’s experiences and feelings and to now where support can be obtained for themselves or their family and friends. In addition it has drawn on the […]

Children’s Academic Achievement

Educational reform has been on a roller coaster ride during the last 30years. Sounds of alarm are heard at each succeeding decade; obituaries have been written about failed attempts, and the political battles over whose vision is right for America’s public education system still wages […]

Care and support children

Keep children on task. TA must know how to support the children to stay on task and concentrate. If children have difficulties or get frustrated, TA teaching assistant should report to the classroom teacher. (P7) Adapt work where it is necessary – TA must be […]

The children and the amount of time

Gripping the playstation console too tightly and pushing the buttons furiously can cause a skin disorder marked by painful lumps on palms. This article basically talks about the negative impacts of addiction to video games and playstations on health. Sony is a company that manufactures […]

Childrens views

After discussions with school principals I decided to re design my questionnaire for parents rather than children for two main reasons. Parents know there children and would be able to write about experiences related to the eleven plus where as children of this age would […]

The working conditions for children during the 19th century

Coalmines were dangerous areas where children died. For example Jane Moffat age 12 and John Otterson age 9 were two children who worked in coalmines. They worked in dark, damp and dirty conditions. They were given no food and stayed underneath the mines all day […]

Disadvantages of using ICT

Making 10 – The teacher’s role is to state how many pieces of fruit they would like in the bowl. The children can then drag the different pieces of fruit to the bowl and then drop it into the bowl until they reach the number […]