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An Examination of Clever Words – “Emma” By Jane Austen

When Jane Austen wrote her novel Emma, women had very limited options available to them for bettering their positions in life. As shown in the novel, the primary method for securing one’s future as a woman was through marriage. A “good marriage” could raise a woman to a higher social or economic level, but this […]

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Examine Austen’s presentation of John and George Knightley

‘The Knightley brothers embody all that is good in society. They are well-meaning characters who fulfil their responsibilities admirably, yet the reader may find them dull. ‘ In the light of this statement, examine Austen’s presentation of John and George Knightley. Every novel requires a dastardly villain and a shining hero, who falls for the […]

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Explore and Evaluate Snobbery in the novel Emma

Emma is of social hierarchy and is living is a society governed by strict rules to rank and place, she is very much aware of her high status in Highbury. Mr Woodhouse and Mr Knightley, as substantial landowners, are first in prominence. The land they own was inherited by them from their families. This marks […]

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How effective is Jane Austen’s characterization of Mrs Elton?

After Emma declines his offer of marriage, Mr Elton – a man of the cloth in Highbury – disappears in search of a better match, and returns a few months later to proudly present his ‘beautiful, quite beautiful’ nightmarish bride. She has all the qualities he should desire in a woman and a wife, and […]

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