Essays on Claudius

Shakespeare throughout the play

Choose a play whose main theme concerns on of the following: power, corruption, disillusionment. Explain how the dramatist introduces the theme and discuss to what extent you found the way it is explored in the play enhanced your understanding of the theme. In your answer […]

The assessment that Hamlet’s

He faces the sorrow of a dead father and the shock and disbelief at the speed of his own mother’s remarriage. The appearance of the ghost “bodes some strange eruption to our state” and for these combined reasons it is evident that “time is out […]

In one respect….is ‘Hamlet’ rock-steady

What would have an Elizabethan audience understood by the “natural order” and how is this order disrupted in ‘Hamlet’? The Elizabethan period gave rise to a cultural expansion often referred to as ‘The Golden Age’, which saw literature, theatre, poetry, music, and art prosper; this […]

The hero in a tragedy must in some sense be superior

The tragedy of Hamlet does not lie in the flaw of the hero; the tragedy lies in the nature of the work which is exposed to the hero’s contemplation, and the resulting responsibility to the world in which he finds himself. Hamlet is not a […]

What aspects of Hamlet

What Aspects of Hamlet are likely to have been of particular interest to Elizabethan and early Jacobean audiences, and how different might a modern audience’s response to the play be? Hamlet in a way is a play that any audience of any time can relate […]

A Razor Sharp Tongue

The utilization of spoken language at the hands of a skilled manipulator of words can inflict unexpected harm upon one’s enemies. It can destroy good intentions; demoralize the opposition and spread fanaticism to others. Such a theme of cruel or manipulative words as a kind […]

Hamlet’s soliloquies are embarrassingly outdated

“Hamlet’s soliloquies are embarrassingly outdated and unnecessary” “The soliloquies are what make the play. They bring the audience closer to Hamlet and offer profound observations on humanity” Consider both these views. What is your view of the soliloquies in ‘Hamlet’? Hamlet has, in total, six […]

Without the Soliloquies

Shakespeare employs the use of soliloquies to convey the true thoughts, ambitions and ideas about important characters to the audience. Through Hamlet’s soliloquies the audience is given an insight into his real personality, which helps to deepens our perception of him as we can discover […]

What does the ghost contribute to the tragedy of Hamlet?

Hamlet a product of Shakespearean times has a different view on death, the afterlife and the divinity of the monarchy to any person today. Everyone in the Elizabethan and Jacobean era believed that there was an afterlife. Everyone believed in God, in witches, fairies and […]

Hamlets antic disposition is feigned

A key issue in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is that of the validity of Hamlet’s “antic disposition”. Views contradicting the belief that Hamlet’s mind and nature is one of insanity would state that Hamlet merely wears a mask to “feign” madness – this mask is formed […]