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New Balance CSR Case Study

New Balance is the second largest athletic footwear manufacturer in the U. S. and the fourth largest in the world. The company has had a strong focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) since its inception 100 years ago, although until recently it has not necessarily been adept at making the public aware of its “doing […]

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Nike Case Study

While there are some companies such as Blackberry, that have struggled to keep up with the growing technology changes and advances, there are also companies like Nike, which has continually innovated and increased marketing to survive over time. Nike is an excellent corporation to study which has had continuous success over a lengthy period of […]

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Understanding the Company

The company I have selected is The Agnes b Group. It was founded in Paris, French by Agnes Andree Marguerite Trouble in 1975. Since then, the designer has been offering fashions that match and reflect the spirit of the age, a wardrobe that adapts to every personality and can be worn for a very long […]

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