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Sand dunes coursework Introduction – Hayling Island

Assess the impact of human activity on the sand dunes and the management that could be taken to prevent further erosion. Hypothesis I think that the more human activity within the area the more erosion of the sand dunes, so more management will be needed to protect the area. 1. What threats face the sand […]

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History Coursework The D-Day Landings

1) D-Day, the Allies’ successful offensive to retake France from the Germans, occurred on June 6, 1944. D-day was needed because Hitler and the German army were pushing themselves further and further into France and d-day was needed to push the German army back into Germany. Airborne landings were needed because at first Britain and […]

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Minehead: Coastal Management

* In recent years, powerful sea currents have removed much of Minehead’s beach and caused floods. No new material was being brought from the west by longshore drift as groynes built trapped material thus preventing the harbour from sitting up. Beach being lost by sea currents was therefore not being replaced by longshore drift. * […]

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What management is there at Freshwater Bay and how effective is it?

The purpose of this investigation is to test the following research question: “What management is there at Freshwater Bay and how effective is it?” Fundamentally this means that I am going to study the area of Freshwater Bay then test and examine what positive or negative effects the management has on the area. My research […]

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Swanage and Studland

In order to help me with the study of Swanage and Studland I must carry out a number of research tasks. During my day in Swanage, I used a number of different techniques for gathering data, in order to help me answer the hypothesis. However to further my answer I will collate data from another […]

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Walton on the Naze

a) Describe and explain the natural processes operating on the Naze cliffs. All along the exposed side of the Naze cliffs, and to a smaller extent on the managed areas, erosion is constantly taking place. These are as such: Slumping The Naze cliffs are made up in layers. The base off the cliffs is a […]

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