Essays on Community

Standing in the community

The anonymity could prove quite appealing to people, but they may also be afraid of knowing someone in the group, who may then ‘gossip’. Some cultures may have a problem with women going to mixed group meetings, but I believe there are women only groups. […]

Importance of community

Eric feels terrible, but puts the blame onto his mother. He knows he has made mistakes and he admits it, but it is easier for him to blame someone else. We like prefer Eric to Mrs Birling because he shows his emotions and is clearly […]

On-line and off-line personae in the virtual communities

Computer-mediated communication systems exhibit a fair amount of interpretative flexibility. That is, they can mean different things to different individuals or different groups, and their use continues to be interpreted and reinterpreted with the passing of time. 1 It is well known that the Internet […]

The similarities/differences between the ideas of a community

Discuss the similarities/differences between the ideas of a community (inc. devised work) in The Yarn with The Chrysalids, The Children and The Crucible. Our stimulus extract from The Yarn (our most recent text) provided us with various themes that we had grown to be familiar […]

The impact of ICT In My Local Community

In this project I am going to investigate how ICT has affected people in my local community. In my community many things happen in the library so I am going to concentrate my work on the technologies used in libraries. A library is a place […]

Work and Community

It is important to mention that in the late 19th century farm women started being especially aware of the great change that education could have brought into their existence. Under the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862, farm families were able to get advice on […]

Community Satisfaction Survey

Police service is meant for public support and to provide order within the community it is bound to serve. The effectiveness of the policing system could not be measured by how much crimes it solved, but based on how the sector it served felt about […]