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Spot deferred contracts

This is like a forward contract with rollover option (find detailed description in chapter 4). By following this strategy ABX was able to profit from increases in the price of gold and at the same time set a minimum price of gold to protect them if the gold price would fall. Figure 8 depicts roughly the […]

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Nature of the marine insurance contract

One of the more important concerns to exporters and importers involved in an export transaction is that risks of damage or loss during trade transactions from seller to buyer. But the risks can be fully protected through special transportation insurance provided: marine insurance for example. Thus, when such loss or damage suffered during the transactions […]

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Common law and UCC laws

Common law and UCC laws can vary. Both of these are laws that U. S. The UCC was created to harmonize a particular or group of laws in all states of the U. S. Common laws can vary amongst each state. Common laws usually deal with real estate, service, insurance, intangible assets and employment contracts. […]

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Negotiation Exercise: Moms.Com

I started by offering my partner to exchange information about our priorities. My partner agreed and we shared information with each other regarding the items that matter for each of us. This enabled us to save time and focus on the issues that we could create some value for both of us. I told my […]

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Stonebrook Case

Some principles and ideas of many cases dealing with Common Law and statues are the common idea of good faith and fair dealing, breach of contract or no contract and means to agreements and ruling. The common idea of good faith and fair dealing is normally used when there are technical excuses for a breach […]

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The Offer and Acceptance Model Is Flawd – Only an Agreement Is Necessary

The offer and acceptance model is flawed- only an agreement is necessary. In order to fully comprehend this statement, we must first establish what constitutes and offer and what constitutes acceptance. “An offer is a statement by one party of willingness to enter into a contract on stated terms, provided that these terms are, in […]

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