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The well-being of the firm

Whistleblowing is an action that benefits society. Therefore, whistleblowers should be rewarded as a way of encouraging more people to speak up when they observe illegal or unethical behavior. Whistleblowing serves society in a number of ways. Firstly, whistleblowing holds people and organizations responsible for their actions. Secondly, whistleblowing on a corporation is often in […]

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An Effective Piece Of Social Criticism

Priestley uses the character Arthur Birling to communicate to the audience all the corruption, hypocrisy, and immoral selfish values of capitalists. Mr Birling thinks that he is better than other people. This perhaps, is because he is a wealthy man, like smoking cigars. This may be considered to be a status symbol, showing that he […]

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Avoid criticism

To sum up, Hughes has successfully conveyed the brutality and resoluteness of nature through the personification of a hawk. At the same time, it also reminds humans not to be arrogant, but to reflect on themselves and be responsible for the damage they have caused to the environment. Throughout the poem “The author to her […]

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