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The USSR and Cuba

Cuba is a large island located approximately 100 miles from Florida in the south part of America. America owned the vast majority of businesses on the island and had constructed a huge naval base on it. However, after a three-year guerilla campaign, Fidel Castro was successful in overthrowing Batista, the dictator backed by America. Consequently, […]

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Applying Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system’s theory

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system’s theory looks at how a child’s development is influenced by her environment. He recognizes a complex layer of environment with each influencing the development of the child. Among these, he identifies the child’s own biological makeup as the basic environment that stimulates her environment. The development of the child is steered and […]

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Puerto Rico Perfect for Vacations

Puerto Rico is the favorite destination on the Caribbean simply because it is the most diverse island with a range of attractions and sightseeing spots in every corner of the island. Puerto Rico is a gorgeous, sunny island of many different colors. It has green trees, fields and forests, brown hills, and white, sandy beaches. […]

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Cuba Culture

1.High power distance: the power is not distributed equally, the authority is in the hand of government only. The evidence is that they control everything in the country even the communication between individuals, the Cuban economy suffers from the embargo of U.S since the completion of communist revolution. There is always distrust toward the state […]

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Bitter Sugar

Bitter Sugar is now one of my most favorite foreign movies, other than ‘Swept Away’. It gives me such a great help understanding the political system in different parts of the world. On this occasion I will begin to interpret the film ‘Bitter Sugar’ directed by ‘Leon Ichaso. ’ Bitter Sugar is a film that […]

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