Essays on Cultural

Cultural perspective

While drawing a comparison between American and German Culture it can be seen from the diagram that there is little difference between both countries in all the dimensions mentioned by Hofstede in his cultural dimension theory. Both bars go to similar heights approximately of each […]

A view from a bridge

In terms of the historical and cultural background, Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in Harlem, New York. His parents were both Italian immigrants. He grew up in a moderately wealthy society because his father ran a fairly profitable business. He has a very great […]

Psychologists have discovered about cross cultural

There have been many studies into the variations in pro-social behaviour. For example, Eisenberg and Mussen (1989) looked at behaviour in terms of kindness, consideration and cooperation. It was found that North American children were less kind, considerate and cooperative than children who grew up […]

Cultural Distance And Market Entry Modes

The concept of cultural distance is a significant one in the study of internationalization challenges, which originated in the work of Beckerman (1956 cited in Mezias 2002), who referred to this concept as psychic distance. The idea of cultural distance was given by Kogut and […]

Cross Cultural Competency

Publishing and journalism: Books on the regions contain an evergreen market, so are the travelogues. Therefore, this segment contains enough opportunities for the deserving ones. Retailing, buying and selling: Many ancillary industries come up within hospitality sector, like ethnic artifacts, souvenirs, mementos etc. These items […]

Abridging Cultural Differences in Learning

The world is not only composed of different races that come from different countries but also comprised of innumerable cultures unique from each other. Races from all around the world are greatly diverse. The diversity includes differences in practices, traditions and other cultural manifestations. Culture […]

Cultural Context

Even though construction is usually considered as originally the activity of men and machines in digging, moving, shaping, erecting, and so forth, the relative use of building materials by the construction industry far exceeds its share in the gross domestic product. Specifically is construction of […]

Cultural heritage

While the digital revolution has relentlessly been permeating into the entire social fabric, it is also imbibing its own philosophy of technology among the upcoming generation, who are growing more as a techno-savvy individual than someone consciously aligned with the principles that forms the basis […]