Essays on Cultural

Managing cultural differences

There are some similarities between the data. The PDI is very close for the UK and so is the IDV, but that is were the similarities end. The main reason why the investigation’s results don’t correlate with Hofstede’s results is that although the sample size […]

Growing cultural

Last twenty years have seen a revolution in consumer tastes, helped by cooking programs, overseas travel and growing cultural and ethnic diversity. These have broadened consumer tastes and helped make the takeaway and fast food market more sophisticated (Richardson and Aguir, 2003). Kara et al. […]

Fons Trompenaars

Thirdly, Specific vs. Diffuse. This is about showing emotions not, what we feel. Some cultures prefer to stick to the facts of a situation and not to enter into close relationships, while others want to get to know people better before doing any business. Fons […]

Cross cultural communication

The issue of high or low context information can be applied to Wal-Mart, the retailer from the United States of America. The company has to deal with the issue in all of its business activities internally, with employees and externally, with customers (Brunn 2006). When […]

Cultural Differences

Now that we have defined a thesis about the term culture we show seven categories mentioned by the authors Harris, T. Moran and V. Moran, which help us understand cultural diversity. They should illustrate the wide spectrum of factors to be considered when managing an […]

Cultural contexts

In this case study, traditionally managerial effectiveness has been judged by male values and standards. Interestingly, organisational theories – which we can take to be a specific kind of literature, a cultural product claim to be gender neutral, to refer to genderless organisations employing disembodied […]

Cultural perspective

While drawing a comparison between American and German Culture it can be seen from the diagram that there is little difference between both countries in all the dimensions mentioned by Hofstede in his cultural dimension theory. Both bars go to similar heights approximately of each […]

A view from a bridge

In terms of the historical and cultural background, Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in Harlem, New York. His parents were both Italian immigrants. He grew up in a moderately wealthy society because his father ran a fairly profitable business. He has a very great […]

Psychologists have discovered about cross cultural

There have been many studies into the variations in pro-social behaviour. For example, Eisenberg and Mussen (1989) looked at behaviour in terms of kindness, consideration and cooperation. It was found that North American children were less kind, considerate and cooperative than children who grew up […]

Cultural Distance And Market Entry Modes

The concept of cultural distance is a significant one in the study of internationalization challenges, which originated in the work of Beckerman (1956 cited in Mezias 2002), who referred to this concept as psychic distance. The idea of cultural distance was given by Kogut and […]