Essays on Culture

Educational background & culture

Perception is an empirical enquiry gained through experience, and because of this, there is no single case where one perceives the world in the same way as another person. When a person experiences any sort of event, filters comes into play, which affect the manner […]

Indian culture

A Stench of Kerosene, written by Amrita Pritam, is a short story recalling an event in which an Indian woman, named Guleri, had been lured into the cultures and traditions practised by her people. The story opens up to give the reader an insight into […]

Cultures and traditions

All sorts and types of people suffer through things like racial or cultural identity, because they may be a different colour or come from some where else, or even just because they talk differently. In the poems I have studied Half-Caste, Ogun and Nothing’s Changed, […]

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Compare the brief encounters between two ‘culture clashes’ in ‘An Old Woman’ by Arun Kolatkur and ‘Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Though similar in subject matter: both poets relating a brief encounter exposing a clash of […]

A Single Youth Culture?

The media use the youth of today to sell newspapers by concentrating on the negative aspects of a minority and this influences society’s view of teenagers and they are perceived as a threat because of this. Therefore, “When it comes to young people… bad news […]

The culture of ordinary people

Dominic Strinati criticizes the whole ‘mass culture theory’. He says that the theory gives ‘popular culture a homogeneous feel’, without taking into account all the varied subcultures around today. This comment slightly changes my whole view on mass culture being “babble”; you get varied subcultures […]

Management styles and culture

There are many different management styles, which exist with businesses, below is a description of the ones which are consider to be the main styles of management. Autocratic style: these managers take all decisions with very little or no consultation; they expect their orders to […]

What does it mean to be a wife in another culture?

Information technology, television, and newspapers are altering the world at a rapid pace. When we talk about another culture now, we find that with increased education and the affect of the world becoming a global village; it is difficult to find a culture that has […]

What is the relationship between the artistic expressions of myth and culture

There is a unique interrelationship between myth and culture. Often, culture creates myth and myth creates culture. While this may seem like a completely paradoxical concept, the reality is that myth and culture go hand in hand far more than people would originally perceive. Consider […]

Cultures and situations

This refers to the study of spatial distances between individuals in different cultures and situations. This is also no less important part of the etiquette, as this phenomenon is embedded with the basic comfort of the individuals. For example, a client may have the cultural […]