Essays on Culture

What does it mean to be a wife in another culture?

Information technology, television, and newspapers are altering the world at a rapid pace. When we talk about another culture now, we find that with increased education and the affect of the world becoming a global village; it is difficult to find a culture that has […]

What is the relationship between the artistic expressions of myth and culture

There is a unique interrelationship between myth and culture. Often, culture creates myth and myth creates culture. While this may seem like a completely paradoxical concept, the reality is that myth and culture go hand in hand far more than people would originally perceive. Consider […]

Cultures and situations

This refers to the study of spatial distances between individuals in different cultures and situations. This is also no less important part of the etiquette, as this phenomenon is embedded with the basic comfort of the individuals. For example, a client may have the cultural […]

National culture

It should be noted that trust is not an objective in and of itself. Rather, it is positively related to desirable outcomes. Williamson (2000) argues that, other things being equal, relationships that exhibit trust are associated with less stress and greater adaptability. Zand (2005) contends […]

Cultures are voluntary actions

To say that other cultures funeral rituals are more emotionally healing or generally more beneficial than the customs we are used to is to say the we should be using the other cultures own rituals. Had other things more beneficial we would have adopted the […]

Women in Popular Culture

Madonna is today the most popular singer and may be rated as a female icon from popular music culture. It would also cover the claim with evidence about the kind of impact that musical representation of women has had on popular culture and especially Madonna […]

The Culture of American Advertising

In a world of numerous products offered by different manufacturing companies, advertising strategies used by the business establishments could be both appealing and blinding to the eyes of the consumers. Why is this so? This is due to the fact that marketing strategies and advertising […]

Homosexual culture

While gender norms tend to create similarity between homosexuals and heterosexuals of the same sex, the culture of the gay community modifies these continuities. Evolving and expanding gay norms influence homosexual lifestyle, ideologies, and values. New norms are the basis for an alternative culture that […]

Western Culture

Food commercials are usually appetizing and indulging, however the presence of many other commercials of the same nature puts other commercials in a strenuous position that would require other strategy of sending the message. For example, voracious eating is associated to men, and in cases […]

Surfing Culture

One of the key contributors to the development of surfing culture is Tom Blake. He started surfing when he was young and continued with that sport until old age. At the age of twenty, he set a world swimming record at the Amateur Athletic Union […]