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What do we learn about different aspects of prejudice in chapter seven of ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ from the way Gutterson uses language?

‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ is a book filled with different aspects of prejudice. Many of these different aspects come to the forefront during chapter seven. Gutterson makes them apparent utilising a variety oflinguistic techniques that I shall discuss in this essay. At the beginning of chapter seven, the Japanese sit in a segregated manner at […]

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‘The Keepers of the House’ – Commentry

The extract taken from the novel, ‘The Keepers of the House,’ written by Shirley Ann Grau is a well-written prose which captures the events that take place when the protagonist who has recently undergone a divorce with her husband is amongst the townspeople. During this time, the attitudes and views of both the people of […]

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How Effective an Introduction to the novel is in Chapter 1?

David Gutterson made good use of his introduction in ‘Snow falling on Cedars’. He takes advantage of it by setting the main scene; he goes into great detail about the courtroom, while at the same time he is trying to emphasise how serious the trial event on the small island, ‘San Piedro’; such like “In […]

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