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The day of my driving test

As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning, wasting precious moments, I could hear the pendulum clock in the hallway chanting `tick tock’. Yet tonight was the night that I needed my sleep more than any other! In my head I could hear the groaning of my driving instructor’s last words to me `keep […]

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Should the minimum age for driving be raised?

Just in Canada about 23,197,572 different age groups were licensed in 2009. From that 23,197,572 about 1,096,437 teenagers between the ages of 16 – 19 are licensed in 2009. From the 23,197,572 about 22,101,135 ages 20 and above are licenced in Canada in 2009. (http://www. tc. gc. ca/eng/roadsafety/tp-tp3322-2009-1173. htm#t2) People now days think that teen […]

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Should the Legal Driving Age Be Raised to 21?

Do you think it is right to allow teenagers to drive at the age of 21? The statistics of accidents show the different rates for young drivers between the ages 16 and 19. Which is much higher than that for much mature drivers? Young teenagers are effortlessly distracted and are also not as experienced at […]

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