Essays on Education

Educational goals

In times of stress, when educational goals as well as practices are questioned, there is an accentuated need for educators to examine and justify the enterprise in which they are engaged. Art, educators, with few exceptions, have not been noted for clear and concise justifications […]

Education and Information Dissemination

One may note that as the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, this part of the program aims to educate the children and if at all possible their parents with the effects of being obese and the effects of unhealthy diets and attitudes, the risks and […]

Educational opportunities

Every individual in the society has their own plans and ambitions in their life and this aspect in their life is generally affected by their views of the real world and their philosophy towards life. I guess what I am really trying to say is […]

Education and health

This article supports a theory that explains surveying. In this paper we will discuss about the surveying. “What is Building surveying, need of Building surveying, importance of Building surveying, tools used in Building surveying, and the career opportunities in Building surveying”, all these point are […]

MI Changing Education

Because of the importance of this theory, many articles abound in journals that emphasized its role in the field of education. Between 1993 to 1996, articles explaining the theory and how it can be used have led teachers to change their strategies in teaching different […]