Essays on English

Engineering and General Contracting

The research will be about ASWAR engineering and general contracting company. It was established in 1985 by the founder and General Manager Mr. Saadallah Eid. ASWAR is one of the leading companies in the contracting business and has many global certificates, like ISO9002, and an […]

English speakers

In this investigation I’ve found out that the when the card and the word shown is different, it affects our thinking, which it takes longer time than a normal memory game. My hypothesis does fit with the result that I’ve found, which I found out […]

Stephen Lorant

Select an aspect of the development of Magazines that you consider significant and evaluate your choice with appropriate examples (2000 words) ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’1 Photojournalism is described as a form of documentary photography, that tells a particular story, but in visual […]

Stereotyping minorities in gilens

Mainstream media across the world have been accused of ‘virtually whitewashing’ the airwaves. Many ethnic minority groups claim to experience hostility, marginalisation and discrimination regularly from many media institutions. There is an endless struggle for minorities to gain professional access to the media, as the […]

The young couple

How can a clash of cultures provoke the breakdown of a relationship? -With reference to “Two Kinds” and “The Young Couple” “Two Kinds” proves there is no relationship more complex in this world then the relationship between two women – and more importantly – between […]

Wakako Yamauchi’s

And The Soul Shall Dance is Wakako Yamauchi’s first play, adapted from another short story she had previously written. It’s popular and welcomed play focuses on two Japanese immigrant families and their struggling farm lives to build a future for themselves and the next generation […]

European development

What factors influenced population growth and levels of emigration in nineteenth-century Europe? How, and why, did trends in these two fields vary between states? The nineteenth century was possibly the most progressive time for European development. Industrialisation was on the increase, government bureaucracies were being […]

Changes in word usage and meaning in the English language

  As new generations change their views and morals they are also changing language to reflect this and therefore language changes can be seen to be transformed more dramatically with the beginning of each new generation. The acceptable language and views of each new generation […]

Can abortion ever be reasonably thought of as’self defence

This means that a ‘proportionate’ self defence argument for abortion cannot be a general one and each case must be assessed separately. This argument is taken further to highlight the third and final case one can give for self defence. That is defining self defence […]

New South Wales and Tasmania

In Lycett’s painting (Annexure A) “The Sugarloaf Mountain near Newcastle” 1822 we see an almost surreal landscape. The brilliant rich greens and hues of blue depict a peaceful and serene land, one of accommodation and fertility. We see the Aboriginal people located in the background […]