Essays on English

English premiership

Is it practical or desirable for Rangers and Celtic to leave the S.P.L for the English premiership? The premiership claims to be the best league in the world which it may well be, but in a recent survey it was also found to be the […]

Prefers English over Gaelic

By definition a translation is ‘the process of rendering from one language to another, and the product of this process. ‘ However, something is inferred in a translation, the original text looses some of its subtleties as well as some of the sounds of the […]

English literature

With this question that concerns the whole life of Arnold, extremely sensitive to his age – an age of hurry, change, alarm, surprise, he starts, in a dramatic way, the sonnet To a Friend. And the rest of the sonnet provides us with the answer […]

English rural past

In ‘Howards End’ Forster attempts to make the distinction between rural, traditional England, and the more modern, industrial England. Forster explains the transition that England is going through, in becoming an up to date country, leaving behind all remnants of its traditional past. In Forster’s […]

English essay

In this essay I am going to address a complex ethical dilemma, I will do this by looking at both sides of the argument, I will conclude by giving my opinion. Everyone does have the right to be a parent; there are many reasons for […]

Comparing Head of English

The purpose for the head of English is to in some way give English teachers a bad name. Carol Ann Duffy is a visiting poet to an all girls school, at the school she finds that the head of English is unwelcoming and tries her […]

English as a Second Language

The study showed that the top three most occurring problems in Chinese ESL students are “missing definite articles”, bare singular count noun for plural” and “bare singular count noun for plural”. A similar error was seen in the study of Milton (2001, as cited from […]

English Structural Problems Encountered

It has been argued that a student’s capacity to learn a foreign language could be primarily influenced by his or her mother tongue. Kellerman (1995) as cited from Chan (2004) argues that the more similar languages are, the more it is probable for a student […]