Essays on English

The English curriculum itself

Much evidence points to the fact that boys are not necessarily under-performing, but that girls are “… gaining more of the higher attainment levels … ” Salisbury et al. (1999, p. 418). Results differ most at the top end of examination results, where more girls […]

Reasoning needs Language

An argument is what I have always been using regularly on a frequent basis for many purposes. The connection between my reasoning and my languages has to be there in order to make my argument foolproof and sounding. The connection that I am referring to […]

Salwar Kameez

Another example of this is when Tariq and his brother go to a local disco and use false English names instead of their Pakistani ones so they will be able to enter the disco. Not only are we shown this but there is also a […]

Patriotic Englishman

Hobson’s choice is a comedy set in Salford, 1880 (In those times Salford was separate to Manchester) a period when development of trade unionism had begun. Harold Brighouse wrote the play in 1915 and it was performed in 1916. He wrote it to raise the […]

Very high standard of English

Hobson is a very stubborn and ill-tempered man and his addiction to alcohol has ruined him, his relationship with his children, his business and his life. His drunken state which causes him to fall into the cellar is imagery used to show the audience Hobson’s […]

Victor’s death

Even after the monster has started to kill and he has expressed his bitter sentiments to Victor, Victor does realize that he has “drawn down a horrible curse upon [his] head,” but still sees himself as “guiltless” ( ) and does not acknowledge that he […]

English Period

In the films “Frankenstein” and “Dracula,” Victor Frankenstein’s mother, the professor, Elizabeth, and Elisabeta, who is later reincarnated as Mina, are all catalysts to the plots in these movies. Each of these people’s deaths are the initial reason these men went insane. The intentions of […]

English Coursework netRanger

I haven’t a hope of getting a new job now, I’ve been fired too many times. They were both caused by the Birlings. They’re like a plague to me.¬†Perhaps I should just try something else. I could marry. I need a completely new start. A […]

English landlords

In paragraph 13 ‘everybody wins’ because a gentlemen will pay 10 shillings for a carcass of a ‘good fat child’ as it will feed his family very well which means that the mother of the child will get 8 shillings in profit which will enable […]

The Tell Tale Heart

The madness within ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ is provided by a character called Montressor who decides to murder Fortunato after he offended him; we never find out how or why. To avenge the insult, Montressor decides to kill Fortunato. However, Montressor is very clever and […]